The Power Within

17 year old Scarlet Deane is a good student with a boring life,...according to her. She is bored of her boarding school, students, teachers, lessons, nothing is fun anymore and the question of who she is, is coming more up lately. Since there is no escape from her school the only thing she can do is hoping that the answers to her questions she has been seeking for will find her instead.
And upon the arrival of a new student called Drake Pyrone, Scarlet's prayers are answered.


5. Drake

You did what!?!"

  "You heard me loud and clear Drake last night I followed you're little friend and kissed her."   Drake couldn't believe it, but still it was something only Dante could do.   "I don't know even what to say...but let's start with you answering why you did it!"   "You know why I did it, I was testing her power."   "Did you ever think of the consequenses? What if she isn't a Triblood?"   "You should relax big bro, she is a Triblood and a powerfull one as well, last night I felt a energy around here, a energy stronger than the energy of the heads of the High Order, there is something different about here."   Drake looked at Dante, Dante  was standing in front of him looking confident in his story. It didn't seem like he was lying, but he couldn't trust Dante, he will have to find out himself, he will have to find Scarlet as fast as possible if Dante is speaking the truth about her energy.   "Does she remember anything from last night?" I asked   "Yes...but she thinks it was a dream."   "What?, why didn't you erase her memory?!?"   "Hey calm down, I would say thank you if I was you, now that she thinks she kissed me, you, she will be curios about you and come straight to you. You won't have to do a lot of work to get her attention."   "Ok for just this once I'll agree on this plan but after we tell her, we stop working together."   "Fine with me, now hurry up you're going to be late for PE."   "Since when do you care if I'm late for classes?"   "Since we know that she is one of us, and if we found out, the High Order have probably already set trackers on her, time is short and precious."   And on that note Drake took off with his bag with clothes for PE.   When I walked in to the gym most of the studente were still waiting. I looked around, searching for Scarlet now I had no choice but telling her and the sooner he will do that, he would cause less damage. Scarlet was sitting on a bench at the other side, she was talking to a tall girl with dark skin. I walked towards her, she noticed me within a few and turned to look at me.   She didn't seem to be to happy about me greeting her but she didn't tease me or mentioned anything about her so called "dream".   "How was your first night?" She asked me nicely wich surprised me. "It was ok, nothing out of the ordinary, and you?" "Just a normal day in G.K.L, nothing interesting."   I was about to tell Scarlet what I needed to tell her. But when I opened my mouth to speak I heard the voice of a old man wich definitely wasn't my voice.   "Everyone gather around!, today we're playing dodgeball." The voice was coming from a man about 35 years with a white T-shirt on and sweatpants, clearly he was the coach.   The crowd of students formed automatically a circle around the coach.   "I heard we have a new student today so I'll introduce him to you guys and be gentle it's his first time playing dodgeball G.K.L style."   "What does he mean G.K.L style" I asked Scarlet quietly.   "Coach Morkar thinks he has developed some unique kind of dodgeball that is invented by him and is only played here."   "Drake Pyrone show your face please!" Coach Morkar shouted.   "That's your signal." Scarlet said   Drake walked towards Morkar who was in the middle of the circle. He could hear the students whisper, a few girls giggled, but Drake didn't took the time turn around and look at his classmates. Drake reached Morkar and stopped.  Now he did turn around to his classmates, they looked like any other class.   "Ok class, to welcome you Drake you can pick your team first, but I first need a second captain first who volunteers?"   No one raised their hand, that's what Drake thought for a second, but then he saw a hand barely raise above the high heads of the guys in the back.   "Whoever is raising their hand please step forward!״   I didn't know what I expected to see or who, but when it turned out to be that Scarlet will be the one that will leed the rival time I was quite surprised. From what she told me I got the impression that Scarlet would be one of those people who would hang out in the back and wouldn't care about being captain. She is the kind of person that hides between shadows and watches from the side. The only thing he knew was, that she was the only person that surprised him in a long time, well, except for Dante but he could become invisible.   "Scarlet Deane.." Morkar  mumbled.   "I thought you would be happier to see me participate as a captain once."   "It may not seem like it, but I am quite happy to see you as a captain again. Drake choose your team and everyone that's left over is with Scarlet on the team good luck you guys, you'll need it."   There was no such thing as choosing teams, coach Morkar picked the strong and athletic looking girls and boys to be on my team. And Scarlet's team was made out of the kids who always where picked last at any sport event, I also saw Andrews blonde hair peeking between the heads of Scarlet's team. He sneeked up behind her and poked her in the back wich made her jump out of surprise. She laughed and pinched him back in his arm he made a squeaking voice that clearly wasn't fake. I wonder if Scarlet likes him.   Five minutes later we were already in the middle of an intense dodgeball game. Maybe coach Morkar was really right about the unique style of the game here. But maybe he wasn't right about Scarlet's team.   The team may look like a bunch of rejects in any PE lesson, but they were smart. They knew how to tactically fool them, and they were led ambitiosly by Scarlet who shouted orders to them and helped them to dodge the racing balls that were thrown at them. Scarlet was stronger than an average girl, when she was in movement Drake could see her muscles who looked pretty strong, and she was fast and flexible, he had learned by the variety of ways she had dodged the ball and thrown them extremely fast and strong back to Drake's team. Drake also noticed that the only one who came near the physicial strength of Scarlet was Andrew, he kept up pretty good with her.   By the end of the lesson there were only three players left in the game.   Andrew, Scarlet and me.   They were two and overpowered me, it became a game of only dodging for me.    I looked at Scarlet, it really looked like she enjoyed this game, after all she was kicking my ass.   After a few minutes Andrew threw a ball at me. Wich I of course dodged.   The ball bounced of the wall and rolled back to the middle of the battlefield. It was a split second but both Andrew and I made a run for it. It was funny to think something like a dodgeball game got his adrenaline pumped up. He caught the ball just before Andrew got it but it didn't move.   A few seconds later he also noticed that coach Morkar looked at him like a angry statue. Nothing was moving.   Nothing beside 3 things were moving.   And those three things or people were.   Drake, Andrew, and Scarlet  
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