The Power Within

17 year old Scarlet Deane is a good student with a boring life,...according to her. She is bored of her boarding school, students, teachers, lessons, nothing is fun anymore and the question of who she is, is coming more up lately. Since there is no escape from her school the only thing she can do is hoping that the answers to her questions she has been seeking for will find her instead.
And upon the arrival of a new student called Drake Pyrone, Scarlet's prayers are answered.


3. Drake

Being "the new kid" wasn't something new to Drake. It could be a nickname at this point, usually he would spent two months at a school, maybe three under special circumstances.

And this time around he might even be faster because, the first student he met today, Scarlet Deane, might be the person he was looking for. He wasn't sure yet if it was Scarlet he was looking for but he will have to be patient and wait a week to see if his guess about her was right.

Scarlet was walking in front of him, leading him to the library.

She was quite tall for a girl, 1.70 meter Drake guessed, he was a bit taller than here 1.81 meters was his length. She didn't look or dress like most of the girls around here. She wore long blue skinny jeans, a big red hoodie, and a pair of black Converse All Stars, not the perfect shoes when it is freezing outside.

Since he was behind here he didn't really see her face but it took him only a few seconds to remember it.

She had big black eyes complimented by long eyelashes, her lips weren't to big or to small and really light pink. Her hair was long, curly and messy, but he couldn't really decide her hair color. He could've sworn it looked ginger in the hallway, but next to the principal's it looked like a mixture between blonde and light brown, and now it looked like it was red.

Scarlet had stopped walking but he didn't notice and by accident he bumped in to her. Drake managed to keep his balance but Scarlet fell over and almost hit the floor, but Drake caught her hand and kept her from falling on her head. Her hands where warm against his cool skin. He pulled her up as fast as possible.

Before I knew it Scarlet was standing awkwardly close in front of me, only a few centimetres away from her face, her eyes, her lips.

This situation would make every other person blush but Scarlet, she only stared right in to my eyes. I tried to look for something in her eyes but her pitch-black eyes didn't give anything away, this girl was a riddle.

"Are you going to move Prince Charming, or are you already expecting a kiss?"

"No." I answered calmly, I also can play the game she was playing.

"Then please take a step back before you'll feel my fist in your stomach." She answered with the biggest and fakest smile ever.

"I thought you aren't the trouble maker around here" I said as I took a step back.

"I am not." 

"So threatening to punch the new student isn't making trouble?"

"Ok you win this round Charming, but this will be the last time."

"Bring it on then, this is probably the most entertainment you'll get."

There was a moment of silence, Scarlet was examining me from tip to too. It looked like she finally had some entertainment. When she stood in front of me she took a step forward, again putting us in the almost-awkward-kiss-situation. And again I examined her face and this time she did give something away, I had said something that triggered this, whatever she was doing. I looked in to her eyes again. And then I realized what I had done. Scarlet was bored and I had entertained her the whole morning, she wasn't looking for a fight, just something that will stop her boredom.

"You're bored, aren't you?"

"Good guess, you are smarter then you look Charming."

She turned around and pushed the big wooden door behind her that matched the lockers in the hallway, she disappeared behind the doors and I walked after her in to the library.

I never had seen such a big library in my life! There were three long black tables in the middle of the room and behind them endless bookshelves, the style of the room reminded me of the 18th century, as if I just had travelled back in time. But the few students that were using the computer reminded me that only travelling I did was walking through the door.

"Impressed?" Said a voice from behind me that wasn't Scarlet's.

I turned around to see Scarlet and next to her standing a girl I haven't seen before. The girl had dark skin and long dark-brown hair. She wore a pink blouse and a bleck pencil skirt, she clearly wasn't a student. 

"Drake this is Jill, she is the librarian, she can find any book you'll need." 

"Nice to meet you Jill I am Drake"

"Nice to meet you to, it seemed like you where quite overwhelmed when you walked in, so I guess you actually like books?"

"Yes I actually like book, is there a problem with that?" I answered her question with a question.

"Not at all, but usually the students come here only to use the computers."

"I see..." I answered.

"So I need to go see principal Rook, Scarlet would you mind showing Drake around?"

"Isn't that already what I'm doing?"

"Ok thank you!" She turned around and ignored Scarlet's question, she walked quickly out of the library and left us behind.

"That was odd" I said

"Yes, it was, Jill isn't good at communicating she is better with books, now follow me I'll show you around here it's quite easy to get lost here."

Scarlet turned around and started walking towards the bookshelves. She explained that in every bookshelf there was a different type of book genre , it seemed like she knew the library quite well. We walked all the way to the back of the library and stopped there.

"So that's it for a library tour I hope you remember something, if you'll need any help in the future talk to Jill, and now we should get moving to your dorme."

A few minutes later we found ourselves walking outside on a path leading to the dormes. As we walked Scarlet explained to me about the environment. She explained that about 150 meters away from the dormes there is a wood and about 400 metres in there, there is a big lake where students sometimes go swimming in the night. The view around us beautiful and green, G.K.L was in the middle of nowhere in Schotland and the nearest village was about 7 kilometers away, that means there is no way to escape from here.

When we reached the dorme a tall and skinny guy with Blonde hair and pale skin was waiting for us at the entrance, he waved to Scarlet and walked to us.

"Drake this is Andrew, one of the very few non-idiots here." Scarlet said.

The guy pressed my hand quickly "Nice to meet you Drake, I hope Scarlet hasn't terrified you yet, she likes to do that."

"I am still here Andrew."

"I know" He answered with a grin.

"I think I'll go back to my room, Andrew will show you you're room, see you tomorrow." Scarlet turned around and walked away down the path to the girls dorme.

"I think we should get moving." I said I wasn't interested to talk the Andrew I just wanted to get to my room.

"Just before we go, I want to make a few things clear, Scarlet is mine so don't get to close to her anymore or..."

"Or what you'll beat me? I am not interested in your pathetic crush on a girl who probably doesn't think even about the possibility to date you, I don't care, just give me the key to my room and I'll be out of your sight!"

Andrew handed me over the keys and walked away, I couldn't stand these stupid guys, those who try to play tough.

I walked into the dorme it was empty everyone was probably still at lunch. I walked to the end of the hallway on the left searching for my room, 148, and I found it four doors from the end of the hallway. I unlocked the door and pushed the door.

The room was small there was a bed in the corner and a nightstand with a small lamp next to it, on the opposite side there was `a closet and the rest of the room was empty.

The only thing I wanted to do was to lay down, and when I did, I heard a voice.

"Tired are we?" The voice was familiar, there was no voice I knew better than that one.

"Yes we are, now shut up and let me sleep."

"But I thought we were going to talk about your new little friend Scarlet."

"There is nothing to discuss, I don't think she is a Triblood."

"Drake you've always been an excellent lier but you know you can't lie to me."

"Not now Dante, get out." I said

Dante appeared, as always, out of nowhere he sat at the end of my bed.

"Aren't you happy to see me brother?"

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