The Power Within

17 year old Scarlet Deane is a good student with a boring life,...according to her. She is bored of her boarding school, students, teachers, lessons, nothing is fun anymore and the question of who she is, is coming more up lately. Since there is no escape from her school the only thing she can do is hoping that the answers to her questions she has been seeking for will find her instead.
And upon the arrival of a new student called Drake Pyrone, Scarlet's prayers are answered.


1. A Ordinary Day In G.K.L

Two more minutes, in two minutes Miss De Vaan will give homework due tomorrow about WW1,

in two more minutes all the students in G.K.L will rush out of the classrooms as fast as possible, in two more minutes this boring lesson will finally end. Not that Scarlet had something against history, she actually really liked to learn history, she only didn't like the way Miss De Vaan taught  it. Every lesson was the same with here, it would always start with at least 10 minutes, not less but likely even more of non stop talking of the students. Sometimes Miss De Vaan cared and will shout at the students until they will eventually shut up, most of the times she would just sit down at her desk and give every single student the most frightening death stare she could, as if she wanted to say "I hate you stupid brats, nothing good is ever gonna come from you."

And I'm not going to disagree with her. There are some good people in G.K.L, but since it is a private boarding school most of the students here where sent by their "rich mommy and daddy".

And like Miss De Vaan's death stare says they are indeed stupid and spoiled little brats.

My thoughts where interrupted by Miss De Vaan's voice who asked my "friend" Alex the captain of the football team how long the war lasted between Africa and Germany.

"5 years" he answered confidently as possible, Miss De Vaan made a sound of a buzzer from trivia shows that confirmed that Alex was wrong and definitely not listening. I aloud myself to giggle a bit and enjoy this little awkward moment of Alex. To bad my fun didn't last long because Miss De Vaan heard my giggle, she gave me the stare and asked me "If you know it all so well Miss Deane why won't you tell us how long the war between Africa and Germany was?" Miss De Vaan also had particular love of making students the center of attention and try to embarrass them. The school-bell rang but no one rushed out of the classroom, there was not a chance anyone would miss a "show-off" between a student and a teacher. I started to put my books away in my bag and while walking to the door I answered "I think you need to check in your book again Miss De Vaan, because if I remember correctly Africa wasn't even involved in the First World War." When I finished my answer I reached the front door and turned around just to see the students reaction, most of them where trying to hide the fact they didn't knew the answer and acted if I just said something they knew. The only thing Miss De Vaan said was "Correct answer Scarlet, you are dismissed, everyone else has to wright a paper of 200 words on the first world war because it's quite obvios you people have no idea what we are talking about in class, class dismissed."

I left the class quickly as possible to avoid any problems with probably upset classmates who didn't want to do homework. But as quick as I was Alex with his friend Ralph and his dumb cheerleader girlfriend Michelle caught up to me before I knew it Alex stood in front of me and Michelle and Ralph blocked me from the back. There was no way to escape and there where only seven minutes left until the next class would start wich ment there where still students and teachers who witnessed what happened.

Alex made himself and his ego as big as he could and said to me "Well look what we got here a little rat who just ruined my day thanks a lot for the home work Miss bitch."

"And what are you going to do about it Alex? Are you gonna hit a girl? Are you going to cry to mommy and daddy to expel me?" I answered, Alex was one of the idiots with rich parents, I didn't have rich parents, I didn't even have parents, as long as i can remember I was an orphan, I got in to G.K.L because I scored pretty high on some important tests.

"I got a idea."Michelle said "Let's make Miss Bitch do our homework since she's so smart!"

"And why should I do that Blondie? I haven't got anything to lose, you're pathetic and the last thing that scares me."

I could see Michelle's face slowly become red, she couldn't stand it when someone called her blondie, she used to have blonde hair but she dyed it red because she hated her nickname since then it only was more fun to call her blondie. Michelle lost it and pushed me against the lockers that where made oud of wood. "Do something Alex!" Michelle cried desperately.

Alex was to overwhelmed and grabbed my shoulder and shoved me even harder against the locker. I heard the loud noise of my body colliding with the locker behind me. In one second the whole hallway became silent and turned to look my way to see what happened. Alex realized what he had done and let go of my shoulder. As slowly and dramatically possible I glided with my back down the locker all the way to the ground, it didn't really hurt me I just made sure Alex won't forget with who he is messing. 

"Alex Malcolm and Michelle Foiley! To the principal's office now!!!" I was lucky, today principal Rook just walked by and probably had seen what happened to me, he rushed to me with a guy who was new here. Alex and Michelle quickly escaped direct confrontation with the principal and they went to his office.

"Scarlet are you okay?" He asked me. Before I could answer the new guy did and asked "Do you want me to take her to the nurse? I know where it is."

"No it's fine, Scarlet is it sirius this time or are you just messing around?"

A small grin probably appeared on my face, at least the principal understood me.

He looked at me for a long time and I eventually gave up and said "You win uncle Dave I'm just fine."


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