The Tour Diaries

*Sequel to: Dreams Can Come True*
Jordyn Tomlinson has been dating Harry Styles for a year now. She is in the most popular girl group in the word, Train, with her best friends, Eleanor Calder, Danielle Peazer and Perrie Edwards. Though, with all the time they spend together bring them closer, or push them away. Find out in, The Tour Diaries.


18. In death

"Lydia?" I said.

"Yes Jordyn. Look what you've done to yourself! Do you remember what happened!!" she said. It all flooded back

**** Middle School****

"Here!  My turn!" I said as I grabbed the knife. I grabbed and slowly slit my wrist. It stung, but I was used to it. I handed the knife back, and watch as she slit her wrist.

"Ow.... shit." She said. The door flew open and knocked Lydia over, and the knife hit her vein.


Present time

" Do you?!?'' She asked.

"Yes. I was so stupid."

"You're not dead. All the way dead of course. I had to do a series of deeds. I can go back to life!  I was waiting for the right time. I was going to come to you're wedding. I guess that's not going to happen. You had so much life ahead of you." She said.

"You get to come back to life!! Go! Tell Harry I'm ok, and ill be back soon." I pleaded.

"I'm going to do you one better. You're going back." She said.

"Lydia no!!! If I'm going, I want you with me!!''

"I cant do that. Only one may go back. And that's you. I love you so much Jordyn. I'm sorry we never got to move into a house and have over 1000 cats. But remember, I will always love you." Before I could reject, I was awake. Breathing. Living.



To be honest, im crying as i right this. This is based on my real life best

friend. I love you so much Lydia!!

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