The Tour Diaries

*Sequel to: Dreams Can Come True*
Jordyn Tomlinson has been dating Harry Styles for a year now. She is in the most popular girl group in the word, Train, with her best friends, Eleanor Calder, Danielle Peazer and Perrie Edwards. Though, with all the time they spend together bring them closer, or push them away. Find out in, The Tour Diaries.


13. Day 49

Dear Diary,

Today was an improvement. I went back to Harrys house after saying goodbye to my brother and sister-to-be. I saw an unknown car at the house, and automatically thought, what's going on?? So I rushed back in the house, and set my purse on the counter to see a blonde girl, standing in front of Harry. I heard him screaming at her and her yelling back, and my heads spinning before I finally realize who's here. Taylor Swift has entered the house.

I quickly walked over to Harry and kissed his cheek. Someone needs to know who's boss here. She scoffed and was all like, oh great. she's here. And I'm like, yes! I can finally meet her and beat her and.... what was I talking about? Anyways, so I'm like, did you need something? And shes like, ya, I need my man back. And so I say, bitch please, He is MARRYING me. And she says not for long hon. He'll do exactly what he did to me. And I finally cant take it anymore, so I jumped on her and knocked her to the ground. I start punching her and Harrys trying to get me to stop, and I just shake him off and keep punching. After like 5 minutes of repetitive punching, Harry finally gets me off, and Taylors running out of the house. So I have a few scratches on my face from Taylors razor-sharp nails, and so Harry takes me into the bathroom to clean them up. I sit patiently and he cleans up the wounds, and carries me to bed. I relaxed in his strong arms, and fell asleep on his chest.

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