The Tour Diaries

*Sequel to: Dreams Can Come True*
Jordyn Tomlinson has been dating Harry Styles for a year now. She is in the most popular girl group in the word, Train, with her best friends, Eleanor Calder, Danielle Peazer and Perrie Edwards. Though, with all the time they spend together bring them closer, or push them away. Find out in, The Tour Diaries.


12. Day 48

Dear Diary,

I just woke up to the smell of freshly baked pancakes and bacon. I turned over in the bed to see Harry knocked out. Im not surprised actually, he was up really late listening to his parents go on about how much they hate me. I shook him and poked him and he would not move! So I thought of a very nice way to do it. And that's weird. I gave him a kiss on his lips, and he jumped up out of the bed.

He smiled and kissed me again. When we moved back, I layed my head on his chest. I thought, what will become of us? I shook it off and enjoyed the presence of my wondrous boyfriend. He told me it was time to get up and go eat breakfast. Drat, that means I have to face his parents again. I hopped up and slowly approached the kitchen. I sat down at the table and smiled. Harry rested his huge palm on my little-big thigh. I quickly consumed my breakfast and excused myself from the table. I really hate being snoopy, but I wanted to know what they're talking about. So, I quickly listened in. I heard someone say that she needs to get a life, and cant think singing is going to make everyone like her. I also heard she needs to get out of here or else ill make her. Well, that's it.  I went to Harrys room and packed some of my stuff. I couldn't stand the constant torture of my fiancés parents. I heard footsteps slowly approach the door and close it behind them. I turned around to see Harry. He was wondering what I was doing. I told him I was gonna stay with El for tonight. He got that sad look on his face, and told me goodbye. I gave him a sweet kiss, and was outta there. I'm actually at El's now, and she's watching me write this. She's going, wow, Harrys parents hate you?!? So im gonna sign off here. Night!


So my computers been giving me troubles. I just got the Sims 3 and it is taking FOREVER to load. It actually just dosent load. Please comment and like and favorite to show support. Lets try for..... 5 more comments for the next chapter? luv u!

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