The Tour Diaries

*Sequel to: Dreams Can Come True*
Jordyn Tomlinson has been dating Harry Styles for a year now. She is in the most popular girl group in the word, Train, with her best friends, Eleanor Calder, Danielle Peazer and Perrie Edwards. Though, with all the time they spend together bring them closer, or push them away. Find out in, The Tour Diaries.


10. Day 45

Dear Diary:

Today is our last day in Sweden, and then were off to Chesire, where Harry's family lives, btw, I'm screwed. I've met Harry's sister Gemma, and we got along very well. I love Harry, but I'm worried about his family. Will they like me? I dunno. I guess only time can tell.


Harry saw how stressed I was about all this, and decided to take me to a movie. We walked in the theater, and were swarmed by fans and paps, we signed a few autographs and answered some questions, and headed off to see the movie.

The movie was terrifying . I eventually ended up digging my face into Harry's chest and turning the inside of my body toward him. I felt a hand touch my bum, and turned over with a questioning look on my face. The guy was snickering to his friends, but that didn't last long. Harry obviously did something that I couldn't here because he covered my ears. Why, I do not know. But that's not the point. I was pissed and I wanted to get out of there. So I grabbed Harry's hand and dragged him out of the theater. The paps and fans swarmed around us but I just pushed through. I was NOT in the mood for any of it.

Harry dropped me off at Eleanor's suite and left with Louis for a while. Ya, leave your stressed-pissed girlfriend at her friends house while you go find another beautiful model, get hitched, and live in a stately pent house with four children named Claire, Harry jr. Annabelle and Jake! Too far? I think not.

Eleanor and I talked about the wedding,  did our hair and makeup, and just chilled. I was getting a bit tired, so I went to my suite and layed in the bed. I wanted to clean myself up, so I went into the bathroom and drew myself a bath. I added bubbles, because who doesn't love some good bubbles?, I lit and insense burner, and added bath salts. I didn't wanna mess up my hair, so I put on a bath cap. It was such a soothing bath! I stayed in there until I was as wrinkly as a prune. I put on a robe and went into the kitchen to get a snack. I saw something right after I opened the fridge.

Rose petals ? What the.. I said. I followed them into the living room to see a little picnic! It had strawberrys and wine and food galore! My favorite part was the most handsome guy, holding a bouquet of flowers. I grabbed my flowers and went to sit with Harry. We ate, he fed me the strawberrys, talked, drank, and just enjoyed eacothers presence.

he carried me bridal style into our bedroom and out on a movie. We watched the movie, had a bit of make out time, and went to bed. Stress free!



sorry about the lack of uploads! I've been super busy and like I've said before, no computer. I update off my iPod. This is the 4th time I've written this chapter, and, if i do say so myself, the best version. Please like and favorite! It means a lot. Also, tell me what you think of the story! Love you all babes!

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