The Vampire

"Thirst tells you when to go, where to go, how to go and even who to go with... This is the most exciting and scary time in any vampire's existence, and it's where I'll begin my story."

Cia craves for blood in the streets of New York, under cover of the darkness she's forced to live in. She's perfectly clear on what she is and how she must take care of her own needs. And to help her, she has her Mentor, the grumpy Lacien. The two of them exist together, do everything together, and it's driving Cia crazy. Until she meets a human, who seems to pop up out of nowhere, knowing all there is to know about what she is and how she manages to remain undead.

And for a while, everything's good. Until things start twisting in directions Cia had never foreseen, which forces her to reconsider everything.

WARNING: Due to request of some readers, there is no age line. However, the story does contain certain elements that younger readers might consider offensive.


1. Vampirism


To live or to be undead. In the end it all comes down to the very same thing: blood running through your veins, keeping your body working. And if people believe that your striving for something bigger is only there as long as you’re alive, they’re wrong. Being undead is not per definition being alive, but even so, those of us who are that are no different. We, too, seek to fulfill something bigger. In fact, we might even be more enslaved by this longing than those who live.

The instant you become a vampire, everything changes. The poison spreads through your veins, dissolving the chemical combination that forms your blood, and with no new oxygen, your heart muscle loses its purpose for pumping, and eventually it stops. I guess this is why people call us dead rather than undead. Because our hearts stop beating. The poison takes over the functions of both body and mind the minute your heart is silenced. If you’re so unfortunate that you’re completely isolated, the poison will kill you, because even though it’s powerful, the effect doesn’t last for very long, and the body needs blood. However, if you - like the rest of us - aren’t completely isolated, the poison will make sure you manage to feed for the first time. And once that’s happened, once you’ve tasted the sweet-salty taste of another person’s blood on your tongue, you’ll be bound. Blood will surge through your veins, intoxicating you with the sensation of obtaining life once more, and your heart will start beating again, using the new blood you’ve received. You’ll become an addict to the feeling of life rushing back to you from a place near death, but in return you get eternal life, as long as you keep feeding.

The first years of being a vampire is all about instinct. The thirst and craving for an entirely new stock of blood decides everything for you - you don’t think. Thirst tells you when to go, where to go, how to go and even who to go with. Some might say that the Thirst protects its newly reborn children, and while this is the way we are usually described by humans - like we’re always in that bright young state of control - as time passes, we develop personalities of our own all again. There’s no reason we shouldn’t call the new ones of our kind newborns, because just like human babies, we have to learn our ways in an entirely different world than the one we came from before. Consciousness of ourselves builds up over the years, and we depend more and more on ourselves rather than the Thirst. Some of us even have Mentors, much like humans have teachers and parents. Usually these Mentors go away after a couple of decades, but some stick around longer.

When vampires become “teenagers”, they’re usually far beyond their teen years, even if they were Turned during childhood. The name for the period in a person’s time is kept, because as a teenage vampire, you’ll experience some of the same feelings that human teenagers do: confusion, an especially strong longing for being independent of other, older supervisors who think they know the world better than you do, and yet you’ll miss the comfort of having someone to guide you through a time where you’re almost ready to take on the job of being a Mentor to someone else. This is the most exciting and scary time in any vampire’s existence, and it’s where I’ll begin my story. 

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