The Vampire

"Thirst tells you when to go, where to go, how to go and even who to go with... This is the most exciting and scary time in any vampire's existence, and it's where I'll begin my story."

Cia craves for blood in the streets of New York, under cover of the darkness she's forced to live in. She's perfectly clear on what she is and how she must take care of her own needs. And to help her, she has her Mentor, the grumpy Lacien. The two of them exist together, do everything together, and it's driving Cia crazy. Until she meets a human, who seems to pop up out of nowhere, knowing all there is to know about what she is and how she manages to remain undead.

And for a while, everything's good. Until things start twisting in directions Cia had never foreseen, which forces her to reconsider everything.

WARNING: Due to request of some readers, there is no age line. However, the story does contain certain elements that younger readers might consider offensive.


6. The Hunter

Strangely, Lacien didn’t nag at me at all that night. Instead he sat down in his chair and kept an eye on me, like a falcon circling over a field full of mice. Only, it didn’t seem like he had any interest in eating me. I kept to myself and waited for sunrise to come, not saying a word, and half expected Lacien to start shouting suddenly. He didn’t really seem angry in any way, but something was clearly on his mind, and he would usually start shouting at me after a long while of thinking. Like I was the reason for his every worry and every concern. I found that very, very unfair, given that I hadn’t been looking for trouble this time. That Aleksander guy had seemed very deliberate in his way of handling me. A little too deliberate not to get me started thinking.

I tried to wrap my mind around other things, but it didn’t work as well for me as it should. Frustrated with myself, I placed myself in the kitchen, on the countertop, and hugged my legs tight to my body in the dark. I don’t know how for long I sat there, but eventually the sun started rising on the eastside, and I could see Lacien rise, cross the floor and roll down the curtain in the living room. So it was morning already? Better get to bed soon, then.

The aspect of sleeping seemed completely impossible. I couldn’t get myself to move, and I wasn’t the least bit tired. Full, yes, and satisfied to some extent. But the worrying about that strange human was too much. I didn’t want him to know about me. And maybe I could prove him wrong, if I was careful enough?

“Whatever it is you’re planning to do,” said Lacien, who was suddenly standing on the threshold, “don’t do it.”

I growled something in reply and hid my face in my arms. I didn’t hear him coming, but I could sense his presence closer to me now. He was radiating heat, despite the fact that our body temperature was only kept so we wouldn’t scare humans when we touched them accidentally. Needless to say, not much of that heat went off our bodies. But we could still feel it from each other.

“You’re not… sad that I told you to stay away from him, are you?” he asked, sarcasm hiding in his intonation.

“Of course not!” I protested, eager to prove him wrong. “I just don’t want him to know about us. About what we are, I mean.”

I looked up at him. His face was serious as he placed himself on the back of the one chair we had in the kitchen. How he kept his balance like that, I had no idea. Each time I had tried - when he was asleep, of course - I would fall down and wake him. But he didn’t seem to find it in any way hard to sit like that.

“Maybe you shouldn’t have stopped to talk to him, then,” he pointed out logically, irritating me.

Like I didn’t know that already.

“Did you see all that blood?” I tried, knowing I’d lost the argument long before it had really started.

“Yes,” he said calmly. “You should’ve restrained yourself.”

“Restrained myself?!” I hissed. “How on Earth can you say that? I was trying my best to hunt.”

“Yes, but you weren’t careful, Cia! And you need to be.”

“Easy enough for you to say. You’re, like, three thousand years old. You’ve had plenty of time to practice!”

“I don’t see why my age is suddenly so important to you,” he noted coldly. “You should be capable of staying in control of yourself by now.”

I groaned and lowered my face to my knees again. Perhaps he was right, but did he absolutely have to do that to me right now? My stomach turned with anger, and I wanted to leave the room, but I couldn’t bring myself to act. If I left, he would take it as a sign of my giving up. And I didn’t want to flee from him. He should just leave me alone.

But he didn’t go either. Instead he dragged off his boots and unwrapped the bandages that covered his foot and lower leg. I couldn’t help myself. I had to watch. He winced when he reached the inner layers, which were sticky with a mixture of blood and something else. It didn’t smell too good, but I knew that wasn’t the reason for his facial expression. When he finished unwrapping the bandages, he curled them into a ball and threw them into the trash can in the corner.

Afterward he just sat and watched me, one hand supporting his chin, the other hanging loosely over his bent legs. His red eyes were dark with some sort of emotion I didn’t know. Perhaps it was anger or irritation, but I didn’t know, because he never looked quite like that.

As if struck by lightning, he was suddenly on his feet, striding away toward the living room. He hadn’t said a word, but I knew he was going to sleep. And I should consider getting some sleep, too. Slowly extending my limbs, I dropped to the floor and went through the kitchen and the living room to my bedroom. Before I closed the door, I glanced at Lacien, who lay on the floor, resting on one side with one arm bent under his head and his legs slightly parted to keep from tipping over.

Shaking my head I closed the door and went to bed.



I covered my ears and turned around, wrapping the pillow around my head. And then I counted to ten to myself.

One… Two… Three -

The door to my bedroom flew open and hammered against the wall, sounding almost like it was about to crack or fall off. I ignored it and squeezed my eyes shut.

“I know you’re awake,” he said sharply.

“How do you know that? Maybe I’m still sleeping, but my body isn’t relaxed?” I suggested with an edge to my voice - utterly annoyed with him for the time being.

“Your breathing,” he said. “Stop being a child and get up.”

I desperately wanted to slap him right across the face, preferably with something sharp in my hand. But it wasn’t worth the humiliation of realizing how much stronger than me he was, really, so I kept my urges to myself. Instead I obeyed his orders and sat up straight, not caring how I looked.

“What time is it?” I asked and glanced to the door behind him.

“Dusk,” he replied automatically, then extended a hand with something in it.

It took me a moment to realize what it was. A piece of paper with some dry tape to keep it secured to something. On it was written a simple message that made me laugh.

Lacien, you’re fugly, so hand over the note to Luciana.
Cia, meet me at midnight tonight in Battery Park instead of the intended meeting place.
Sincerely, Aleksander

I tried very hard to cover up my amusement, but it must’ve been clear, because Lacien slapped me across the back of my head. Not hard, but hard enough that I knew he didn’t like what I was doing. Despite the punishment, I couldn’t help myself. Laughter bubbled out of me uncontrollably, and I thought for a moment that Lacien was going to laugh, too. He looked like it. But his face quickly relaxed again.

“You’re not going,” he said sharply, turning with the note in his hand, curling it into a tight ball.

I raised an eyebrow, suddenly feeling very, very inclined to meeting up with Aleksander. What could possibly go wrong? If the human had wanted to harm me, he could’ve done it last night while he was safely included in a group of people, who could give me away to everyone if I tried to kill him. So I didn’t see the big problem, really, other than the fact that he wasn’t supposed to know.

And having slept on it, it didn’t seem like the worst thing in the world anymore. Plenty of people were crazy enough to believe in vampires, so what difference did one human make in the big picture? If he took anyone to see me and Lacien, we would just shut them out and pretend we weren’t at home.

That thought stopped me. At home… but…

“Lacien, where did you find that note?” I blurted.

“Good. You’ve thought that far,” he said poisonously. “It was taped to the mail box.”

I stared at him. How could anyone know where we lived? No, correction, how could Aleksander know where we lived? I hadn’t told him, and neither had Lacien. So he must’ve done his research pretty thoroughly, which was potentially dangerous. Not because he alone could do anything to harm us, and a mob probably wouldn’t be an issue, either. But if people discovered our existence in general, it wouldn’t be long before we found ourselves in a war we were doomed to lose unless we wanted to Turn people uncontrollably. We couldn’t possibly kill all humans in New York City, and if we did, there’d be nothing for us to feed on. So we had to keep this balance, and it was best kept when no one knew about vampires.

But still… This Aleksander risked being locked up in an asylum instead of starting a war if he told anyone about us. Even he would surely be smarter than that, would he not? And Lacien didn’t get to decide what to do for me. If he wanted to be kept out of everything, then so be it, but my curiosity already drew me outside toward Battery Park and the ferry dock, where thousands of people daily took the ferry to Staten Island. Hopefully Aleksander wouldn’t be bleeding tonight. It would make it much easier for me to control myself.

Getting up, I opened a drawer in my dresser and pulled out a short black dress. When I started to undress myself, I heard Lacien sigh loudly and exit the room. His footsteps weren’t audible on the floorboards, but I knew he was on his way back to his chair. He always was. His existence lacked drama to such a degree that I couldn’t fathom how he managed not to kill himself from boredom. Being like that - a steady existence without drama - for almost three thousand years… No wonder he was always so cranky. It explained his behavior perfectly well, but it didn’t excuse it.

I twisted my hair up on my head, leaving my neck bare save for a necklace with a dark red ruby. The dress covered my arms and body in stiff, dark fabric which would shine beautifully in the lights of Manhattan. It left my shoulders bare and barely went down to mid-thigh. But I could pull it off, and I would. Of that I was certain. Next I found a pair of black boots with high heels and dragged them on, tying them tightly to my ankles so I would be able to run in them if it became necessary. Not that I expected this, but even so I didn’t want to take chances. Not with Lacien being so strict and angry and disapproving of my going.

Of course he didn’t know I was going yet, but he was soon about to find out. I was planning on heading out early to feed before I met up with Aleksander. The first time I was out on my own. Without Lacien somewhere nearby. He wouldn’t go after me, of that I was sure. Why would he? I meant nothing to him, and if I got myself killed tonight, at least he would have the pleasure of telling my memory that he told me so. And then he could go on with his existence as he pleased, without having to teach me how to take baby steps. Hell, he would probably enjoy it if I didn’t return before sunrise.

Gliding through the door to the living room, I glanced to the side. He was seated where he usually sat, in the armchair with his legs swung over one of the armrests.

“Which part of you’re not going did not make sense to you?” he asked, rising slowly, extending his body to its full, impressive length.

“The part where you get to decide for me,” I replied.

“Cia, that guy means trouble,” he assured me, straightening up and crossing the floor.

“You just don’t like him,” I claimed, knowing I was crossing a paper thin line.

“I just don’t like him?” he repeated. “He just called me fugly, whatever that means.”

 Despite myself I chuckled.

“It means fucking ugly, so he hasn’t really written anything untrue,” I said, knowing that even I didn’t think Lacien was in any way ugly.

If he hadn’t been so irritating, I would’ve allowed myself to think about his handsome appearance much more often. Maybe even taken advantage of the fact that we lived together. But he was exactly irritating enough to be around that I couldn’t see past it.

“Thanks for that,” he muttered and crossed his arms over his chest.

“You’re very welcome.” I smirked and batted my lashes at him.

He stepped back, rolling his eyes.

“Fine, do as you please, but know that I’ll be staying in tonight,” he muttered and turned his back to me.

“Freedom,” I whispered under my breath, ready to celebrate as soon as I was out of there.

Either he didn’t hear it or he just didn’t care. The latter was probably the case, because he had excellent hearing. But fact is he didn’t react to it and just sat down in his chair, closing his eyes, as if to leave me alone.

I knew he wasn’t expecting me to stay, but I also knew he would hate me even more if I left. Which made my choice so much easier. I could live with hatred. But I couldn’t and I wouldn’t be his puppet. So I left the flat and headed outside for the streets. I would pay Queens a visit before meeting up with Aleksander in Battery Park on Lower Manhattan.

My prey wasn’t predetermined, as it never was, so I decided I’d practice my running skills along the way. It was easier that way, much easier, and it explained how Lacien got around so much faster than me before. I just wished I’d figured it out without him trying to teach me beforehand. I tiptoed around the dark streets for a long time before deciding on a gang member of some kind. They were having a meeting in one of the abandoned buildings, and there was loud music banging at my poor sensitive ears as soon as I got closer to the building.

Clearly, some sort of fight was going on between two gangs, though I had no idea who belonged to who. In the outer circle surrounding the fight stood a young man with hair that was attempted dyed blond from a darker color, which made it look orange instead. He was skinny and porcelain-like looking, with pale skin and a seemingly calm demeanor. Suddenly he turned, glancing in my direction, and I ducked behind a wall, hoping he hadn’t seen me. He couldn’t have seen me, because I was part of the darkness. But still…

Then he turned from the fight entirely, walking a couple of steps in my direction before glancing down at his right hand. It was covered in bloodied bandages. It looked as though he didn’t move a muscle, but within the short time span of a second, the bandages were tumbling through the air, falling to the ground. His hand was covered in dried blood, which teased my nostrils. I turned my head away to avoid standing directly upwind from the scent, but when I did, I could hear his footsteps coming closer.

Without a trace of doubt I knew Lacien would call me a pussy. This was just some gang member, who thought he’d seen someone else on his territory. No match for any vampire, regardless of age. But this guy had an appalling aura, which naturally made me want to flinch away from him. Slight and fine of built, he made this almost too easy by moving away from his safe pack of stupid muscle dogs. Clearly, this guy had something to do with the higher positions.

I glanced past him to the fight in the background and caught a glimpse of the print on the back of the gangs’ jerseys. One of the bands was called the Bloodhounds, and the other was called Creature Killers. Lacien would’ve laughed, so why shouldn’t I? The irony in the view was unnerving. But I didn’t have time to dwell on that, because porcelain-fellow was coming closer and closer, and the smell of his blood was ripping my throat to shreds, little by little making me suffer greatly. I made a quick decision and straightened up, stepping out of my cover of darkness.

Without a second glance at the guy, I turned and rushed around the corner of a building, which I knew would lead me to an open space where I could gather myself. At the same time, the very act of walking instead of just disappearing made my human act much more trustworthy, though I had no idea why I felt the need to act like a human.

Reaching an open abandoned parking lot, I took a deep, calming breath. That guy had seriously freaked me out, even though he was just a human being, someone I could take down without breaking a sweat. Vampire humor: We don’t sweat. I glanced around. The buildings all around me seemed empty, and clearly no one had been here for years, because the stench of rotting food in hot refrigerators was everywhere in the air, even though humans probably couldn’t smell it.

“Miss,” a voice said behind me, and I cursed to myself. I had been so focused on my surroundings that I hadn’t heard anyone come. “Why are you running away? There’s nothing to be afraid of.”

I turned slowly, keeping my hair in my face so he wouldn’t catch a glimpse of my red eyes. He was standing there, the guy from before, with his bloodied hand hanging down along his side. His other hand was casually tucked into the pocket of his jersey. His calm scared the living crap out of me, and I felt like I was about to faint with fear. Why exactly I found this thin young man so intimidating would’ve been a good question I had no idea how to answer.

In the distance I heard the sirens of police cars over the silence, along with the shouts and screams coming from the fight a block or so away. The Creature Killers were after their prey, obviously, and for some reason I wished the Bloodhounds would bite back. Maybe that was a little amoral of me to wish, because I knew I was doing the exact same thing as the Creature Killers - I was hunting down my prey without giving it the slightest chance to fight back. I was superior in the true sense of the word, and I wouldn’t want the humans to bite back when I bit them.

I heard the sound before I saw the extremely long metallic whip the guy withdrew, its tip coming right at me. Its full length was sparking with electricity, and I knew instinctively that this was my death call. Only one kind of people carried that sort of thing around, and I had been careless enough to get myself caught and killed, because I couldn’t move an inch - I was paralyzed with terror.

The whip made a loud, cracking sound, just as it was about to tear me in halves, and then a bright light almost blinded me, to the point where I had to cover my eyes with my arm. For a moment I thought a bizarre bluish sun was rising from the core of Earth, because the ground shook around me, and I had to struggle to keep myself from falling. Dirt and dust was everywhere now, the remains of asphalt scattered to particles.

“I leave you alone for five minutes, and you go running straight into the arms of this troublemaker,” a sarcastic voice said in front of me, and I lowered my arm to take a look around.

Lacien stood in front of me, his entire body shaking and his right hand raised into the air, grasping the metal whip with a hand that was covered in black rubber. His white T-shirt was ripped in several places, showing bare pale skin underneath. He wasn’t looking at me, but I knew I was the one he was addressing. Still, though he was scolding me and I knew he would ground me for eternity for this - which he could do only by keeping an eye on me constantly - I had never been happier to see him.

His legs were spread, offering a greater opportunity for him to keep his balance, and the ground was visible under his feet. Not the parking lot asphalt, but the dirt it was built on, under a layer of concrete as well. It seemed as though someone had dug a hole underneath him, without him noticing it. But that was impossible, which meant only one thing could’ve happened. The noise ought to have been some sort of explosion, which had created the crater.

“Tell me, you little punk,” Lacien said, straightening up, grasping the whip with the other hand as well, “who are you?”

“No one you need to concern yourself with,” the guy replied calmly, letting the whip drop to the ground, putting his hand into his pocket again. “Not in a few seconds, anyway.”

“We’ll see,” Lacien said calmly, sending the whip flying into a window on the third floor of the nearest building, without so much as twisting his body.

I didn’t even see the other guy move, but as the throw was completed, Lacien immediately changed position into a crouch, now holding a dagger in his left hand. I hadn’t seen it being thrown, but it was there, gleaming in the darkness with Lacien’s paper white fingers wrapped around the hilt, as though he’d drawn it himself.

“You’re fast,” my Mentor said slowly. “But no match for me.”

“The legendary Lacien,” the guy said, bending his neck as his lips formed the words. A creepy smirk was plastered to his lips now. “I was told you’d never rescue anyone but yourself. Clearly my sources failed me.”

My alarms started going again. He was told… His sources… That meant he’d been asking around, which was definitely not good. But who would know anything about Lacien if they weren’t vampires? I hardly knew anything about him, but the guy’s sources’ assumptions seemed correct. Except for the fact that he’d just saved me from dying. And it wasn’t the first time he got me out of trouble.

“So you know about me, kiddo?” Lacien straightened up and tossed the knife to the ground.

“Oh, there are a lot of people who know about you at the moment, Lacien,” the guy said in an evil tone. “I’d be careful if I were you.”

“You’re not putting up much of a fight.”

“I didn’t come here to fight you.”

Lacien was quiet for a moment, then he glanced over his shoulder at me and groaned loudly.

“So you figured you’d assassinate her?” he demanded, stepping closer to the human with the weapons concealed in his jersey. “Why?”

“I’m a Hunter. It’s sort of a part of the job.”

“Then now’s your lucky chance. You’ve got the opportunity to take us both down single-handedly. Can’t you see I’m weak?” I saw Lacien nodding discretely to his own foot and noticed how he was limping across the asphalt, onto which he had stepped a second earlier.

“Okay,” the guy said, stepping back slightly, heaving something out from his pocket. “Let’s dance.”

He flicked his wrist, and another whip shot out toward Lacien, who jumped away hastily. Where the whip hit the ground, the asphalt shattered and cracked with force. I stepped back, wanting to help Lacien, even though I had no idea how. Besides, I would probably just be in the way, so he was better off on his own. Clearly, it wasn’t the first time someone had attempted to kill him with these kinds of weapons.

“What’s wrong?” Lacien called, sitting in a cat-like manner on a railing to one of the balconies on the nearest building. “Got two left feet?”

His eyes were glowing a bright red, and his face was lit with a dangerous smile that revealed his long fangs. I knew per intuition that he was just toying around with the guy, but I still felt anxious for him. Even though my Mentor got on my nerves every single day, I would prefer seeing him winning a fight with this kind of opponent. Especially since the guy had tried to kill me just minutes earlier, pretending I was safe with him despite my instincts.

The whip slashed at the railing, which broke. Lacien landed in his good foot and went down into a crouch before straightening up, putting his hands in his weaponless pockets. I knew he didn’t carry weapons because there was no need for him to. That and his trousers were tight enough that any weapon would’ve been visible through the fabric in some way.

The stranger suddenly made a face and smiled at me cruelly, and I knew why. Lacien had moved, which was apparently what had been the intention with the fight in the first place. I glanced quickly to my Mentor, who met my gaze with narrowed eyes and a concentrated look on his face. And then I prepared myself for attempting something I had never done before.

The tip of the whip came closer again, with lightning speed, and I suddenly realized I stood in the wrong position. There was no way I could get a hold of it in this position, but I had no time to move now. It would be there within one hundredth of a second. Right through my body, something no one would be able to exist through. My guts would be pierced, and I would be forever silent, leaving behind the eternal existence I had been promised when I was Turned.

“I know I’m fast,” a voice suddenly said in front of me, and air brushed my skin as I opened my eyes. I didn’t realize I’d closed them before they were open again, but it seemed reasonable. “But you could at least try not to die,” Lacien continued, now further away with the whip in his hand.

“Not afraid of electricity, I see?” the guy said with a smirk, and I wanted to shout at Lacien that he had to let go.

But he remained still with his hand closed around the gleaming metal. He looked like he wanted to kill someone, preferably the source of annoyance with the weapons. Even I feared him when he looked like that - and that says a lot, I guess. I don’t usually fear things unless my instincts tell me to, and if that’s the case, they are very sensible.

I saw Lacien wince then as he took a step to the side, and I immediately wanted to apologize to him, even if he didn’t deserve it. It couldn’t have been good for his foot, or leg or wherever he was injured, to run around like that. However something more important was going on, and I had no time to warn Lacien, even if my voice hadn’t disappeared with shock.

While my Mentor limped sideways a little bit until he caught his balance again, I saw the Hunter flick his wrist again, and the whip followed the motion, creating a hard wave that closed in on Lacien fast, spraying electricity in all directions. It had to be deadly, even if he was wearing a rubber glove, which he was. Despite myself I couldn’t move and couldn’t scream.

And I didn’t have to, I realized, because Lacien stopped abruptly and jerked to the side, bending off the wave before it could hit him. When the electricity hit the glove, it simply disappeared, and the whip curled itself around the Hunter’s arm. As Lacien straightened up again, he went behind the shocked Hunter and twisted the whip around the slim body twice. I smiled with relief and dared to breathe again, even if I didn’t need to.

“So someone hired you to get rid of Cia,” he said in a low voice as I moved closer.

The Hunter tried to writhe away from Lacien’s iron grip around his torso, and I knew the struggle was pointless. How the heck Lacien had come to that conclusion I didn’t know exactly, but as much as I trusted my own, I trusted his instincts even more. Sometimes, however, I did think he was a little too suspicious.

“I want names. Of your sources, their allies, and the payment,” Lacien was saying when I halted beside him, feeling like a little girl again.

“Or else?” The Hunter was straining to breathe normally, and it occurred to me that Lacien was squeezing the air out of him with his iron grip on the whip.

“You’ll serve as her slave.” Though he enjoyed my company very little, Lacien’s voice was colder than ice when he spoke to the man who had tried to kill me. “Or I could Turn you.”

To a Hunter, that must be the ultimate threat. The threat of remaining for eternity what he had sworn to kill as many of as he could in a lifetime. I knew I ought to be happy that Lacien was so smart, but I felt rather sorry for the Hunter who’d tried to steal away my existence. To erase me from the surface of planet Earth. Cruelty I knew about, but I had yet to meet anyone who could be more cruel than my Mentor.

“I had hoped you would offer to kill me instead,” the Hunter said with a sly smile. “But I should’ve known better. You’re not known for mercy.”

“You can lecture me about mercy all you want,” Lacien said casually, loosening the whip a little so as not to choke the Hunter before he had gotten what he wanted. “But my offer remains the same. Slavery or Turning or a few words for your freedom. If you want, you can even try to take me down after you’ve informed me, and I promise I won’t kill you.”

“Seeing as I’ve obviously failed my task, I think I’d prefer both slavery and death rather than what should come to me if they found out I had betrayed them,” the young man said, now shivering slightly, a smell of fear coming off him.

“How about Turning?” Lacien said slickly.

“No Hunter would ever wish to become a creature of the night,” the boy said bluntly, then snorted superiorly and cocked his head to the side. “It’s true, after all, what they’re saying about you.”

I could hear the satisfaction in his voice. At the same time, my own curiosity was increasing. What were people saying about Lacien?

“Gossip is not of my interest,” Lacien informed the Hunter. “Now come along. I’ve found a way of making you useful.”

It wasn’t a friendly suggestion or a question. It was an order to which the boy had no time to respond, for Lacien started dragging him off by the whip, away from the chaos they’d created. As he walked, I noticed how badly Lacien was limping, but with his prisoner I dared not mention it. Besides, if I did, he would probably just behead me, regardless of the fact that he had just saved me.

The Hunter was doing his very best to get on Lacien’s nerves, but my Mentor said not a word as he dragged the man off. I wasn’t particularly interested in what the new slave had to say to Lacien, as long as it wasn’t something of importance, which clearly wasn’t the case. Only once did I stumble upon a sentence that made me wonder for a split second before pushing it out of my head. It was when the Hunter declared that people were of the opinion that Lacien was going soft. Clearly, they didn’t know him very well.

I glanced back over my shoulder. The place the two of them had completely molested was an interesting and unnerving sight, and I couldn’t help but wonder what the authorities would think of it. How they would proclaim it in the media. Maybe they’d blame the two fighting gangs in the streets nearby. In that case, I would find it rather funny. No ordinary human with ordinary weapons would be able to do such damage in such a short amount of time.

Hunters were just humans, yes, but they were trained, and their weapons were produced from materials that held much more strength and could stand a lot more pressure than for instance machine guns or even tanks. This Hunter had been far more dangerous than the others I’d come across while I was with Lacien, and still he had been no match for my Mentor. Perhaps that said more about the humans’ capabilities than Lacien’s strength, but I thought it but both things nicely into perspective.

I turned my head when I heard a soft breathing sound, not much unlike the last breath a human took before dying. A sound I had become familiar with. And still this was very different, and it didn’t come from someone who was dying. Not in that sense of the word, anyway.

The next few seconds went by too fast for me to even consider acting. I saw Lacien pushing himself upright with a hand, leaning away from his injured foot, shaking. The whip had fallen from his grasp when his legs gave in underneath him, and he was reaching for it when the Hunter grabbed it. There was a satisfied look on the young man’s face when he turned toward me with the whip. And then Lacien was on his feet again, moving to regain control of his slave. However the boy was a little faster, and Lacien’s movements weren’t sharp enough. In a terrible moment where Lacien swore, the boy wrapped the whip around his neck and flicked his wrist, sending electricity through the metal and into his body. Within the first hundredth of a second he was dead, and the whip fell from his fist when his body went limp and crashed to the ground.

In the silence that followed I tried to figure out what that meant, but then decided I had better ask Lacien. And my eyes went to my Mentor just as he swayed again.

My feet moved on their own, beyond my control, and I soon reached him, grasped his arm and steadied him, even though I had a feeling he would scold me for it.

Despite my fears, he looked me in the eye with his own ruby red ones, then lowered his lashes a bit. He almost looked shy, but when he spoke, his voice was calm and hard as always: “You should feed on his blood. It’s still fluid, and the movement of it hasn’t settled yet.”

“I -“ I wanted to protest, because I thought it was gross, and I wanted fresh blood. But then another thought appeared more important to me. “What about you? You need blood as well.”

“Do as I say,” he commanded, and I saw no other choice but to obey his orders.

So I let go of him and lowered myself to the ground and the body. It still smelled like it was somewhat alive, but the blood flow had slowed remarkably with the stopping of his heart, and a smell of death was settling in. A smell that bothered me enough that I just sunk my fangs into his main artery in the throat and sucked hard and fast to get it over with. When I was done I dried my lips with the back of my hand and set the carcass on fire.

Lacien was still standing while he waited for me. His eyes were half closed, but despite this fact I could see him watching me with a silent curiosity that gave away none of his other emotions. If he had any. I wanted to tell him not to look at me, but then decided it didn’t matter all that much and rolled my eyes instead.

“How come you can’t seem to stand upright now? You seemed fine when I left.” I knew I was playing with fire, but surprisingly he just shrugged.

“You try being exposed to high voltage with a pair of rubber gloves as your only protection and see how you feel afterward,” he said flatly and put his arm around my shoulders.

When we started to walk, I could feel the heat coming off his body, the tension in his muscles, and the weight he seemed unable to support with his injured foot. Even seeing him like this I couldn’t help but wonder how on Earth Lacien had become that strong. I knew rubber could protect you from electricity, but I also happened to have noticed that the whip had burned a hole in Lacien’s gloves. Yet he was still on his feet, even if he had to lean on me, which I was sure he wasn’t enjoying one bit.

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