My one and only..

haiden and emily along with haidens baby rose have planned the best vacation of thier lives they will be flying out to england and will be staying in a 5 star luxary hotel, but when something goes wrong they end up being with one direction, haiden and emily dont really like one direction but on this vacation anything can happen.....


3. the hotel

"haiden haiden get up we just landed" i heard emily i got up grabbed rose and we got off the plane. there was a car to use to the hotel.when had everything in the car they drove us to the hotel. we got out and the bellhop put our bags on the dolley and went to the receptionest desk. "yes we need to check in um we have 2 rooms one is emily jones and the other is haiden smith" "yes now girls we have some very important guest up on your floor now you are to stay quite and tell no one what you see or hear or you will be kicked out" "yes mam i dont plan on being up there to often" she handed us our room keys and went to the elevator i put rose in her stroller and decided to to dismantel her car seat. i put it in a box of stuff i had brought and then we got on the elevator and showed the bellhop our room cards he pressed the top floor number,19, and up we went. emilys room was two rooms down so she took her 5 bags to her room and pushed rose down to our room the elevator closed and then the dolley tipped over which scared rosa and she started to cry i picked her up and bounched her up and down when she finally calmed down i put her back in the stroller and begand to put up our stuff it had all fallen out of our bags. "let me held you there love " i looked up to see my old friend liam payne. i didnt like one direction but liam was my best friend  and then he auditioned for the x-factor and i never heard from him agian. "liam" "haiden" we both laughed and hugged "god i missed you why didnt you call or anything" "we couldnt call or right anyone.whos this cutie" he said walking over to rose after we had put our stuff back on the dolley. "thats my daughter rose" "wheres her dad" i dont know who he is" "oh". "hey liam can we go to nadoses"(srry forgot how to spell it) that voice sounded familiar i turned around and came face to face with roses father.

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