My one and only..

haiden and emily along with haidens baby rose have planned the best vacation of thier lives they will be flying out to england and will be staying in a 5 star luxary hotel, but when something goes wrong they end up being with one direction, haiden and emily dont really like one direction but on this vacation anything can happen.....


4. niall

Nialls P.O.V:

I was hungry as usally so i was going to nandoes (i have no idea how to spellt hat but you got it right) i walked out into the hall were liam was talking to a girl im guessing a fan. i called out to him to ask if we could go out to eat and then the girl turned around i could tell she kne who i was and i knew who she was, it was haiden.

Haidens P.O.V:

I couldnt belive it out of all the places he had to be here, "haiden what are you doing here" i grabbed rose and unlocked the door and went into the room. i decided to text emily and tell her to come down all i told her was ithat roses dad was here. she didnt text back but then there was aknock on the door i opened it to see niall standing there. i tried to shut the door but he put his foot in between the door were i couldnt close it, "what do you want" "why have you been ignoring me" "cause roses doesnt need a dad that will run from us when things get hard" "i tried to tell you i didnt run i had to go on tour haiden and you never told me where you were so i couldnt come back" "whatever niall ust leave ok". with that i shut the door, i put rose to sleep and sat down to watch tv mabey i would forget about him. i ended up drifting to sleep

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