My one and only..

haiden and emily along with haidens baby rose have planned the best vacation of thier lives they will be flying out to england and will be staying in a 5 star luxary hotel, but when something goes wrong they end up being with one direction, haiden and emily dont really like one direction but on this vacation anything can happen.....


5. going out

I woke up to Emily banging on the door I hopped up and opened the door, "well you look like shit" "gee thanks". I went to go get rose and change her diper "so I heard you meet roses dad" "how do you know" "some dude named liam told me and guess what I got his number" "that's great". I hugged her she hasn't been able to date because of rose and our work. "well are yall going to go out" "yeah today with 2 of the other boys and I was wondering if you wanted to go harry isn't going and he said he would watch rose". "I guess" "great be ready in about an hour and meet us in the lobby", I wasn't exactly excited to leave rose with harry even though Emily has been friends with since he left for the x-factor yes its just like me and liam. but I wanted to get out and see England yes I know what your thinking you use to live there or how would you have meet liam well I only went to school and home and to hang out with my friends at the café or at the movies. Emily had moved to America about 7 months before a found out I was pregnant with rose.when I found out my parents kicked me out and I called Emily she sent some money over for me to buy a plane ticket and I flew over there and that's when niall started to text me about rose. I got in the shower and when I got out I changed into an obey t-shirt and a pair of red skinny jeans then I put of my Hollister hoodie I slipped on my blue vans and let me hair stay down I put on a little bit of make-up. a put rose in her t-shirt and packed her diper bag I stopped by harrys room and dropped her off. I walked down to the lobby and then I saw niall I was going to go back but they saw me and waved me over I slowly walked over to the others. "hey said niall, I ignored him and walked out the door with Emily but soon she was talking to Louis behind me and then niall caught up with me:

n- why have you been ignoring me\

h- so you can see what its like to be ignored by someone who you really need

n- Haiden please Im sorry I had the tour and I never had anytime off I never even knew you were pregnant until you called and a panicked please Im sorry just forgive me I wont leave again not now that you have rose

h-you promise


I forgave him we went out to the café and we walked around London and even rode on the London eye after about 4 hours of walking around we went to this fancy restraint and after being mobbed by fans we made it back to the hotel. Louis and Emily went to Louis room. oh god. and zany went to his room where Perrie was. "so today was fun" me and Niall were going to get rose from harry. "yeah it was", we picked up rose and walked to my door. "thanks for forgiving me I wont let anything like that happen again" he kissed rose on the head and looked at me we started to get closer and then we were kissing. he pulled away after saying good night I went into my room I put rose to bed and changed into my pajamas. I laid down thinking about the kiss. did I have feelings for Niall?

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