My one and only..

haiden and emily along with haidens baby rose have planned the best vacation of thier lives they will be flying out to england and will be staying in a 5 star luxary hotel, but when something goes wrong they end up being with one direction, haiden and emily dont really like one direction but on this vacation anything can happen.....


2. best vacation ever

Haidens P.O.V:

I can't belive it me and emily are finally getting to go to england we had been planning this since we were little, there was only one thing we hadnt planned on. my baby rose. dont ask what happend cause i barley know and i never got a boyfriend after what guy wants a girlfriend with a baby. so ive been raising rose by meself and emily of course. "i cant wait for tomorrow we get to be in england with this little booger right here, what is it ro" that was emilys nickname for rosa, emily had been by my side since i had found out i was pregnet since my parents had kicked me out. "i know im about to put her to sleep and go to bed" as soon as i hade rosa asleep i layed down and went to sleep.

the next morning i woke up and got rose up and feed her and put her in a cute dress (seen below)

then i woke up emily and asked her to watch rose while i took a shower she got up and played with rose i got in the shower, i got out and dryed my hair and put it in a fishtale braid i put on a little bit of makeup and got dressed (seen below)

i walked out "well dont you look sexy" i rolled my eyes and left to go pack roses bag then emily told me she was going to take a bath i took rose and walked out side i looked at my phone 17 new text all from roses dad he kept wanting to see her. i walked back in and emily was ready she was wearing this:

"ok im ready lets get out stuff" 3 trips later we had everything in the car i put rose into her carseat and got in.

skip car ride

rose was asleep in the carseat so i just took the whole thing out we were in the parking lot of the airport and had 7 bags hey were girls and we will be gone for 4 months. we had moved out of the apartment when we got back we would just get it back i mean whos going to buy up all the rooms in a rundown apartment on to west side of town. we got your stuff in the taxi as they drove us down the runway and loaded our stuff onto the plane. we borded the plane we each sat next to each other rose was asleep and emily was texting i decided to text roses dad back this would be the 3rd time i texted him back in a year i didnt want her to see him i didnt even know his name. i know what you thinking what a slut but i was drunk and then we slept thoughether and i told him or well texted him and told him i was pregnet he said dont talk to me and shunned me out for good. then rose was born and he wanted to back in her life. i told him no and he text me every day. so i decided to text him back. (h- haiden d-dad)

h- what do you want

d- omg you actully answerd

h- yes and your not seeing rose

d- fine can i aleast get a picture

i took a picture of rose asleep in her seat and sent it to him

d- god shes beautiful i have to go i will text you later

h- dont expect me to answer

we were already in the air and i decided to get some sleep emily had already gone to sleep mabey i will forget about all of the mess and just be happy i finally drifted off to sleep.

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