Our Soldiers

A poem I wrote a few years ago.


2. Our Soldiers #2 (Rewrite)

They wear their uniform with pride,

always ready to take on their next challenge. 

Through sweat, pain, tears, and blood,

they never give in.

They are strong, 

and confident.

The uniform stands for freedom,

and strength.


I will be wearing that uniform.

Wearing it with pride, 

and readiness to serve my country.

Our soldiers are:




and ready.

I will soon be one of them.

Ready to take on the pain, sweat, tears,

and more.

I will be waiting for my call,

getting ready to go to war.

I will wait for the excitement, 

of going overseas for my first time.

I will soon be a United States Soldiers,

I will be a part of the United States Army.

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