I'll Make You Believe Again

During her graduation trip to the United Kingdom Belen ( Bebz ) and her two best friends must find out a way to remain in the city of London. It won't be easy but will five certain someone's help them in realizing their dreams or will it all just come crashing down.


1. Say Goodbye

          Hey there I'm Belen but you can also call me Bebz as my best friends always do. Today is the day I have been awaiting so anxiously for almost my entire life. Tonight my best friends and I leave for London. Ever since I was about 10 I have been waiting to visit the city of my dreams you see around here where I live I feel like I just don't fit in and I know I never will. Therefor this trip may or may not determine my path in life. I have just graduated and i'm seriously ready for a change. Well I am not going into to much detail but you'll know everything about me soon. 

                                                                                               , Goodbye Lovlies ♥ 

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