last first kiss

this story takes place in America where Emily lives and the she went out for a wlked and bumped into zayn


1. walking

                                                                   Emily POV

 I went out side for a walk to the café. I bought hot chocolate. then I left when I was walking back home I bumped into someone. I spilled my hot chocolate on him I was always clumsy. 

                                                                  Zayn POV

I was walking down the street. when I bumped into a girl. she spilled her drink all in my shoes. I was quit mad at first but I could buy one hundred pairs of them because I  was in one direction. she was still on the ground but I helped her up. she had short brown curly hair and big brown eyes. "hi my name is zayn malik" I said to her she stood their with a confused face.

                                                                   Emily POV

I herd his name before it seemed filmier. "hi my name is Emily Diaz" I answered him back. he had this British accent. I love accents I wish I had one but I didn't. would you like me to buy you another hot chocolate he asked. I just stood their and looked at him. then he tapped my shoulder. sorry what did you say I answered. he repeated himself. I said yes. and then we went back to the café. he ordered two hot chocolates he handed me one.


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