Over Again {ON HOLD}

Ashley and Niall were best friends before he went on the X Factor. After that, he became famous and left her in the dust. Her dad gets a job transfer, so they have to move to London. When Ashley and Niall run into each other, can they start over again? Or will they stay strangers?

I am not sure if there will be any sexual moments, so if there are I will either change the rating or I will at least mention it.


1. 1 ~ Goodbyes

Ashley's POV

I walked up to the cafe where my small group of friends were waiting. There were only five of them: Hannah, Kayla, Kelsey, Kara and Alexis. I don't have a huge group of friends.


I looked in and gave them all a small smile. I was going to miss all of these girls. I just hoped that I wouldn't cry. I walked in and was surrounded. "We're going to miss you Ash!"

"We'll visit anytime we can!"

"We'll have to keep in touch!"

"I'll call everyday!"

"Why do you have to go?"

All of those things are said and my hope for not crying was lost. Tears streamed from my eyes. "Don't cry, Ash, its not like we'll never see each other again."  Kelsey said.

"Kelsey!" Hannah exclaimed.

"What?" she asked.

"Be nice!" Hannah replied.

I started laughing. I was definitely going to miss all these little play fights. Hannah and Kayla always telling Kelsey and I to be nicer, because they're the super nice ones in the group.

*You'll never love yourself half as much as I love you. You'll never treat yourself right darlin', but I want you to.*

I pulled my phone out of my pocket and checked the caller I.D. My mom. "Hello?" I answered.

"Honey, you need to come back home now. Its almost time to go," she replied.

"Okay mom, I'll be back soon." I said.

I hung up and looked at my friends. "I have to go," I said.

They all nodded their heads slowly and sadly. I hugged each of them and walked to the door. I pushed the door open and stepped out. I looked back and waved. "Goodbye," I said. 

They waved back and smiled softly at me. I turned back and walked to my car. I got in and drove to my house.

I pulled up and went inside. I went to my old room and grabbed my suitcases of my most valuable possessions and brought them to my car. I went back inside and found my parents. "Mom, do you want to ride with me?" I asked, hoping she would, so that she wouldn't have to deal with my father on the way to the airport.

My mom opened her mouth to speak, but was cut off by my dad "No Ashley. She'll ride with me," he said angrily.

"Let mom speak for herself," I said.

That earned me a slap in my face. "Don't talk to me like that!" he yelled.

"I-I'm sorry," I stuttered.

"Let's just go now," my mom said.

We walked out of the house that I spent most of my life in. I got in my car and pulled out of the driveway. I waited for my father to pull out of the driveway and I followed him to the airport.

I got out of my car and grabbed my suitcases. I slammed the door shut and followed my mom and dad into the airport. "So, dad, are we buying new cars when we get to London," I asked.

"Yes, Miss Greedy!" he snapped.

I decided to keep my mouth shut until we got to London. We got into the airport and found where our plane was loading. I sat on the plane at a window seat next to a stranger. He looked to be 20 or so. "Hello, what takes you to London?" he asked.

"I'm moving there with my parents," I replied.

He stuck his hand out to me. "Jack," he said.

I shook his hand. "Ashley. Pleasure to meet you," I replied.

"The pleasures all mine," he smiled.

I felt the plane lurch and realised that our flight was beginning. I looked out the window and whispered, "Goodbye".

After the flight

We landed and I said goodbye to Jack. "Would you like to go out sometime?" he asked.

"Um, sure," I replied.

He grinned. He pulled out his phone and handed it to me. I took it from him and handed him mine. I added my number and gave it to him. "I'll see you soon, hopefully," he said.

I nodded my head and grabbed my suitcases. I walked out of the airport and found my parents. We hailed a cab and went to a car dealership.

We ended up getting two cars, one for me, and one for my parents. I put my suitcases in my new car and followed my dad to our new house.

I pulled up to the house and gasped. The house was a lot different than I had expected. It wasn't a mansion, yet it wasn't crappy like I thought it would be.

I grabbed my suitcases and brought them into the house. My dad showed me my room and I put my stuff in there. I walked into the living room at the same time that my dad slapped my mom. "Dad! Stop! Leave her alone!" I yelled.

He looked at me and glared. "Don't tell me what to do" he yelled as he shoved me into the wall.

I ran out of the house to get away. I was going to leave any ways so I could meet some new people.




I know that its a rubbish chapter but please tell me what you think, I would love to know.

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