Untitled Ashley Purdy Fanfic

Mia Croft, a kid whose life was normal until her parents died, leaving her with her uncle, who is far from nice. As she's about to embark on her final year of A levels, she meets the new guy, Ashley Purdy, who is the best thing to happen to her since her parents death. They both have demons from their past, can they survive the future?

(Using a pre-band Ashley Purdy btw; for those that don't know, he's currently in Black Veil Brides so.. Check them out? ^^ )


1. Sweet Child of Mine

Chapter 1 - Sweet Child of Mine

It's a beautiful sunny day and I'm sat under a weeping willow reading my favourite book, bathed in green sunshine peeking through the willow's canopy. I smiled as I finished it with a satisfying snap of the book, and sat up, stretching, enjoying the warmth on my face. I hummed to myself as I got up to go out of the little cave created by the willow's bowed branches, and broke into full song; "sweet child of mine". As I got to the bridge another voice started singing the overlaps, and I jumped out of my skin, stopping immediately. The voice rounded the corner of the willow tree.


"Sorry I didn't mean to startle you." A guy of about my age, 17, rounded the corner. He was tall, had black eyeliner on and dyed jet black hair. He had some amazing bone structure and chocolate brown eyes. His singing voice was quite high and toned, but his normal voice was thick with an American accent, but not one of those classic Texan twangy accents, a smoother one. He wore black skinnies and a Motley Crew t-shirt, covered up with a leather jacket. He was THAT kind of guy then.


"It's ok," I said, quickly shoving my cardie on. "How did you find this place?"

"Just walking, came across some fields and here I am." He shrugged. "If it's your spot I'll go-"

"No! Uh, no it;s ok. I don't mind, it's not my land anyway." I smiled, absentmindedly tapping my book.

"Fair enough... I'm Ashley Purdy." He said, putting his hand out to shake.

"Mia Croft" I replied, shaking his hand. "Are you new around here?" I asked, still unused to his American accent, and vaguely enjoying how it clashed with my English one.

"Yeah, me and my family moved here last week; I'm still a bit jet lagged if I'm honest." He chuckled. It was then that I realised he was wearing concealer under his eyes. 'Is he gay?' I thought, then I gave myself a mental slap. 'Don't be such an assuming prejudice bitch. He probably just likes it because of the bands we're assuming he's into.' My conscience chided me.


"Ah, where are you from then? America?" I asked.

"Yeah, LA in California." He smiled weakly. I assumed he missed his friends then.

"Ah good times, I've always wanted to go there! Should have stayed so I could come and visit." I chuckled.

"Ah yes Mia, but you have one flaw in that plan."

"Oh really Ashley?" I grinned, enjoying the small banter.

"If I hadn't have come to Britain then I wouldn't have met you."

"Aww it sounds like you're hitting on me," I said sweetly, laughing.

"Pssht why would I do that!" He batted it away, blushing.

"Ah well you have a point," I laughed, glancing down at my arms.

"I would but I've only just met you so don't take it personally," he laughed.

"Pfft never stopped some guys before," I smiled, remembering countless movies where guys pick up women.

"Ah, been round the block a bit then have we dearest?" He purred.

"Ugh! No!" I whacked him with my book, disgusted.

"Oh do you swing the other way then?" He grinned.

"Yes, actually." I said with dignity. He looked disappointed. "I'm bi if that makes you feel better..." I bit my lip to stop from grinning at him. "Or it won't if you swing the other way..."

"I'm straight..." He said. "I think... Bi curious I guess."

"Ah fair enough. Well this is a weird first conversation." I smiled; it felt like we clicked.


"Well, you're the first person that's actually looked twice at me so..." he shrugged.

"Yeah, we're a very reserved country... Apologies in advance for idiots. I mean just watch Jezza Kyle to get the full scope of our country." I laughed.

"Jezza Kyle...?"

"Jeremy Kyle... No? It's basically a freak show displaying how stupid chavs are. It's actually really entertaining."


"Teenage delinquents, druggies... They live in trackies and wear 'juicy' slob pants... Quite scummy really."

"I'm starting to think we don't speak the same language." He laughed with me.

"Ok, I'll walk you into town and we'll go chav spotting... That's a point where do you live? Not to be creepy or anything."

"That way." He jabbed his thumb over his shoulder.

"Ah, the new estate, lucky bugger." I smiled, half envious. His house was probably a mansion compared to my tiny flat I shared with my uncle.

"I wouldn't say it's an est-"

"Like a neighbourhood. My oh my Mr. Purdy I am going to have to educate you in slang." I laughed.


"I'm not that bad! I know you call trainers sneakers, other way round." He groaned. "I need to go back to bed."

"Aw poor baby." I said overly sympathetic.

"Fine be like that." He snapped, the hurt obviously showed on my face. "Sorry I didn't mean to be mean."

"I know, I know," I brushed it off. "I'll take you home?" I brushed past him, trying to forget what waited for me at home. There was a silence, then I spoke. "I suppose you're going to my school then?"

"Dove tail high school?" He asked.

"Yeah, you in sixth form?" I asked, waiting for him to catch up as the little path widened for two people.

"Is that year 12?" He asked, I nodded. We continued walking. "Yeah I'll be joining you then." He smiled.

"Awesome," I grinned. It'd be nice to have a friend; my best friend left school last year. And as school was in a few days or something, my main problem was going to be solved. "What did you take?"

"Subjects?" He asked, I nodded again. "Music, art, English literature and English language, you?"

"Sounds fun; both Englishes, history and psychology."

"So we'll be sharing English then?" He smiled, I bumped his shoulder.

"Course we will. Good luck with music though; sounds like a lot of work."

"Well, I want to be a musician so I feel it's kind of necessary." He shrugged.

"Well I'm sure you'll get your dream if you work for it - just remember me when you're famous. What do you play?" I smiled.

"Bass guitar."

"Oh my God! I LOVE guitars!" I gushed, "Sorry, carry on."

 "I can teach you if you want?" He chuckled.

"You'd do that for me?" I turned to face him, grinning.

"Anything for a friend," he grinned. I squealed and hugged him. "Ok..." He chuckled, hugging me back. "Your hair smells nice," he commented. I pulled away.


"Thanks...?" I giggled.

"It's like citrus and summer fruits and oh my god..." He laughed, "Ok... Kinda creepy..."

"Well... Yeah OK maybe a little." I laughed. "But whatever floats ye boat." I said in a weird accent.


"Floats your boat... In a crappy Scottish accent... No? Ok..." I bit my lip, looking at the ground.

"You're nuts, Mia." he laughed.

"Oh, sorry..." I apologised.

"No it's a good thing!" He exclaimed. "Normal's boring ew. Weird, nuts, whatever, is brilliant, interesting, unique."

"Someone likes outlaws then," I smiled.

"NOW you're speaking my language." He laughed, highfiving me. "That's make a cool tattoo actually..." He muttered to himself.


"Where abouts?" I asked.

"I don't know. Maybe branded on my wrist?"

"Maybe... Or you could have it here?" I pointed an arc across his stomach. "Then it'd be like only you would know about it, and it'd be like superman or something and you'd be like HWAH!-" I did a shirt ripping motion. "I am an outlaw, come at me ladies." He burst out laughing, doubling over at my mad antics. "What?" I asked innocently.

"It's just really random," he laughed.

"You know it bro," I winked at him. We came to the edge of the field. "Which side did you come from?"

"This way," he said, going left. "Kinda annoying as my house is literally just behind that fence."

"Well just move the nails so the wood becomes like a Purdy flap."

"A Purdy flap?" He have me an incredulous look.

"Yeah... I was going to say a dog flap but you're not a dog you're Purdy." I shrugged. "Twisted logic."


"Fair enough... What kind of tattoos do you want?" He asked.

"How do you know I want tattoos?" I smiled.

"Just do," he shrugged returning my smile.

"Well... Going with the outlaw thing, I want a gun on my thigh pointing down, with outlaw on the handle, and rose and stuff around it. So it's like a gun in a rose holster. And maybe love with a heart for the O on my hip, so then if I never find love I'll always have it. And create something worth believing in typewriter text on my wrist and black wings on my back... Yeah, lots of tats." I laughed at his raised eyebrows.

"Thought it through then?" He laughed. "Damn I'm going to need to up my game then."

"Indeed Mr. Purdy, well here we are." I said, stopping outside the house with removal vans.

"Thank you Miss Croft." He smiled and bowed, I curtsied with a smile. I was actually wearing a summer dress so it worked well. "Oh, before you go, can I ask you a favour?"


"Can you walk me to school on Tuesday?"

"Sure thing, what day is it?"

"Monday. Oh wait school tomorrow..."

"You'll be fine." I gave him a reassuring pat. "Shall I text you before I leave home?"

"Yeah sure." He whipped his phone out, I followed suit and clicked new contact. We swapped and punched our numbers in. "Awesome, I'll see you tomorrow then?"

"Yep, half 8 ish." I smiled, and waved to him as I walked back home.

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