Untitled Ashley Purdy Fanfic

Mia Croft, a kid whose life was normal until her parents died, leaving her with her uncle, who is far from nice. As she's about to embark on her final year of A levels, she meets the new guy, Ashley Purdy, who is the best thing to happen to her since her parents death. They both have demons from their past, can they survive the future?

(Using a pre-band Ashley Purdy btw; for those that don't know, he's currently in Black Veil Brides so.. Check them out? ^^ )


3. New Beginnings

A/N: So, I just wanted to get something up, I will edit it tomorrow and finish typing up the rest of this chapter but for now, consider it "New Beginnings 1.0" Enjoy :)

EDIT: Ok edited this chapter, I'm now happy with it :)

I woke to the sound of my alarm, slapping it, I stretched, wincing at the pain. My back still ached, my face ached and my arm stung. I ran a hand over the 3 inch long cuts, feeling the ridges they formed under my fingertips. I counted them, 12, and fairly deep. I ran my fingers down the other sets of cuts; still not as bad as that one time, the night I found out about my parents death. I ran a hand down the scar in my forearm, accompanied by various angry slashes. It had faded to a dull skin colour, and had fresher scars over the top.


I sighed; I didn't regret that scar, they felt close to me then; I'd never forget them now. The others, sometimes I regretted them, other times I wished no one would care. I was sick of covering up, yet I had no other way to calm myself during a panic attack. This had been the only thing that worked. 


Pushing these thoughts out my head, I pulled myself out of bed and stripped down to my underwear, and observed the damage in my mirror. I had bruises all down my back, a beautiful black eye and yellowed jaw. My rib was definitely broken, as I saw the familiar bruising pattern emanating from my lower ribs, and the general hurting when breathing was also a tell tale sign. I strapped myself up, after a paracetamol and set to work on my foundation ignoring the stinging of the bruises.


I fussed with my hair until it covered the black eye, half-heatedly peaking from beneath its foundation layer. I went for a natural look, hoping that no-one would notice anyway. I picked out a black summer dress, which reached down to my knees and I pulled my favourite black cardie on. I did look like I was going to a funeral, but I didn't care, I didn't feel like pretending I was innocent today. This year I was going to allow myself to bubble up to the surface, still concealed under a thick visage of happiness, but not a blank canvas anymore. I was going to stop pleasing others and say what I think more often. I was going to be happy and I was going to be free after this year.

"One more year. You can do it you stupid bitch." I said to my reflection firmly.


With that, I picked my bag up, texted Ashley telling him I was on my way and left the flat. The pain had dulled thanks to the painkillers, and I managed to stand up straight without wincing outwardly, more of a smile than a grimace. I went through the field, a beautiful sunny morning once again, hot enough to go bare armed but I couldn't allow myself that simple pleasure. I went up to his housed and knocked on the door with 3 sharp raps.


"Heya," Ashley smiled, coming out of the door, slightly groggy. "Bye Mom!" He called. "Do I... Look OK?" He asked, biting his lip. I looked him up and down. Black skinnies, studded belt, guyliner and a black top and leather jacket.

"I feel like we coordinated our outfits." I chuckled.

"Is that good or bad?" He asked, leading the way down his path.

"Good, you look fine man." I smiled, leading the way down his path.

"Damn it's cold here." He said, brushing his arms. I stopped and turned to look at him, raised eyebrows.

"Cold?" I sputtered.

"Yes! Cold!" He replied, mimicking me.


"Hey what happened to your face?" he asked with a frown. I turned away quickly, automatically putting on a fake smile and pushing my sleeves down.

"I try to put make up on and this is what I get?!" I laughed, he grabbed my arm, making me flinch as his hand scraped at a few scabs, making my ribs scream.

"No, what really happened?" He repeated, searching my face after I flinched. We looked at each other for a moment, I could feel his hand was hot under my sleeve, and his face slightly flushed. I realised he was like me, we shared the same vice. Possibly. But I wasn't going to admit that.

"I fell down the stairs, no biggy." I shrugged, he sighed with a bitter smile, glanced at my arms, silently telling me he knew.

"OK... Do you not need to get that checked out?" He asked.

"Ew no I hate hospitals and Doctors." I replied, taking my arm back gently, and continued walking.

"Fair enough," he said, walking next to me, apparently deep in thought.


"So...." I stated, not wanting him to get far on his thoughts. "Looking forward to your first day?"

"Shitting it," he answered brightly.

"You'll be fine," I responded automatically.

"It's just people ugh," he shuddered.

"Well if you hang our with me that won't be too much of a problem. I've got this cool ability called invisibility; everyone ignores my existence."

"Ah damn, wish I had that!" Ashley grinned at me.

"Why? If I hadn't have met you I'd be a complete loner this year," I admitted. "God I sound like such a sad child," I laughed.

"Well..." Ashley started awkwardly. "I was a "loner" at my old school.." He said using his hands to indicate the quote marks in the air.

"Oh crap I've dug a hole haven't I? Sorry Ashy!"

"A little bit..." Ashley confirmed, then added, "Ashy's a new one."

"Oh sorry, I do that to names, sorry," I apologised.

"No I kinda like it," he smiled, bumping my shoulder.

"Goodo Ashy, glad you're enjoying." I replied, lightly bumping into him, trying not to antagonise my injuries.


We talked until we got to the gates, and I walked him through the admin stuff, also finding out various things I needed to know for myself. We discovered we were in the same tutor, with my favourite teacher, Mrs. Kennerly. We headed off after a quick tour of the school, and sat at the back of the class. Soon Mrs. Kennerly arrived and gave out instructions:

"Take off your top coats, please!" She looked around and saw Ash hadn't moved. "Including you Mr. Purdy! Ok guys, shut up!" The class continued chatting, Ash gave me a look that pleaded 'help'. Without thinking, I got up and went to Mrs. Kennerly.

"Hello Mia, what can I do you for? Ooh what happened to your face?"

"Oh I just uh, fell down the stairs last night, typical!" I laughed, brushing it off.

"Oh you poor thing! Checked out and stuff?"

"Yes, it's fine, nothing they can do really."

"Ah shame, I'm guessing that's not why you're here though?"

"My friend, Ash says he's cold, so he can't take his jacket off, is that OK?"

"Cold?" She asked, surprised.

"Americans," I shrugged with a smile. She narrowed her eyes.

"What's the real reason, Mia?"

"OK, he has this nasty set of scars on his arms and he basically goes into melt-down when he doesn't have them covered. I think he got them when he was a kid, so it's like a childhood trauma thing." I shrugged, "I guess it's how he deals with it."

"OK..." She said, not realising how fluent a liar was.

"Can you not tell any of the staff about this?" I asked, genuinely worried about what I might have started.

"Our little secret," she winked at me. "OK welcome to year 12!" She announced as I scuttled off to my seat, people barely following my movements back.


More admin later, Ash and I discovered we shared English together, and Mrs. Kennerly allowed us to talk.

"So what did you tell her?" Ash asked, narrowing his eyes at me.

"That you had some kind of childhood trauma that left you with some nasty scars," I replied, biting my lip. "But we both know that's not why you can't take it off," I muttered; he looked hurt.

"Says you," he snapped. I looked at my hands, his response hurting more than I expected. "Sorry I-"

"I get it, sensitive issue. We both don't want to talk about it." I said, examining the lines on my hands.

"I am sorry-" Ash started.

"It's fine, I've had worse," I said, cutting him off. "Don't you think hands are weird?" He stared at me with a worried frown. "No? Ok... Way to go Mia, scare the new kid within half an hour. Fanfuckingtastic." I chided myself.

"It's not that," Ash said. "I'm just worried about you."

"I can assure you I'm fine," I replied brightly, going back into the shell I'd created for myself.

"You're examining limbs you've had for 16 years, that's totally fine." Ash chuckled, dropping his original subject. We laughed for a long time, but were cut short by Mrs. Kennerly sending us off to our various subjects.


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