Untitled Ashley Purdy Fanfic

Mia Croft, a kid whose life was normal until her parents died, leaving her with her uncle, who is far from nice. As she's about to embark on her final year of A levels, she meets the new guy, Ashley Purdy, who is the best thing to happen to her since her parents death. They both have demons from their past, can they survive the future?

(Using a pre-band Ashley Purdy btw; for those that don't know, he's currently in Black Veil Brides so.. Check them out? ^^ )


2. Hell on Earth

"Where the fuck have you been?" My Uncle slurred as I entered the flat, I considered walking straight back out but he was too close.

            "I went out for a walk, sat in the park and read my book." I said quietly, biting my lip to keep it from trembling.

            "You nerd." He spat, ripping the book out my hands. "Fairy tales from a lost time." He read aloud. "What kind of freak are you?!"


I was silent and looked at the ground, my fists balled. He slapped me, making me gasp in pain. "Answer me girl!"

            "I-I don't know." I replied, focussing on my breathing. 'It'll be over soon' I kept telling myself.

            "You're just like your mother. Mousy. Cowardly. Shy like its supposed to be cute! It's pathetic!" He screamed at me, I forced myself not to move, taking his insults. "And your father, what a fucking nutter he was! Tree-hugging bastard! No wonder my sister married that cunt! He's even weaker than her!"


I ground my teeth together, digging my nails into my hands, resisting the urge to smack him round the face repeatedly.

            "Are you even listening to a fucking word I'm saying you little whore?!" He screamed in my face, smacking me again but harder. I lost it and slapped him back, anger bubbling through me.

            "Yes you complete cunt! My parents were so much better than you will ever be because they actually had a fucking job and didn't sit on their arse all day and drain the economy and waste their own fucking money!" I screamed at him, the release of anger refreshingly invigorating.


He have me a dark look and punched my stomach, making me double over with pain. He grabbed me by the hair and dragged me to the bathroom and opened the toilet lid. I tried to struggle but he plunged my face into the water -luckily clean - went up my nose and stung my eyes. He pulled me up, gasping for air and threw me to the side, punching my jaw. The pain shot through me, tears blurring my vision, my breathing ragged.
            "You filthy fucking whore!" He yelled again, punching the other side of my face, knocking me to the floor. I tried to crawl away from him but he kicked my side, I heard a rib crack. 'Not again' I thought to myself, curling up in a ball, protecting my head as he kicked his anger out on my. I blacked out mercifully, tear soaked and helpless, hating every flaw of my character.


I woke up at about 3am, the light still on, making me wince as my head throbbed. The memory came flooding back, fear gripping me in an iron fist, restricting my breathing, making me feel sick. I needed to calm down or I would go headfirst into a panic attack, my most hated flaw. I pulled myself up and grabbed my 'special box' which held my razors which I used more regularly than not.


My hands shaking, I sad on the edge of the bathtub, took my cardigan off to reveal cuts that reached up to my mid biceps, some burnt, a few days later, simply because there was no room. There were cuts on my torso, and some on my thighs, but I couldn't be bothered to strip that far, I needed it now. I found a patch of older scars, just pink lines after a few weeks of healing. I brought the razor down, dragging it across my skin, trying to focus only on that sharp pain than my quick breaths and throbbing body. I cut again and again until I felt ok; or better than before. I could breathe now, I had control again. I put the razor back in its box, checked I had a towel, locked the door and had a shower, washing away the horrible feelings. Washing away tears for my parents death that I could never seem to drown out. It might have been almost 6 months since their death, but it felt like years. I missed them dearly, hoping they were in Heaven whilst I lived in Hell.

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