Untitled Ashley Purdy Fanfic

Mia Croft, a kid whose life was normal until her parents died, leaving her with her uncle, who is far from nice. As she's about to embark on her final year of A levels, she meets the new guy, Ashley Purdy, who is the best thing to happen to her since her parents death. They both have demons from their past, can they survive the future?

(Using a pre-band Ashley Purdy btw; for those that don't know, he's currently in Black Veil Brides so.. Check them out? ^^ )


4. Filler

A few months later, the days turned from a nice warm summer to a freezing Autumn, so it was more socially acceptable to wear cardigans and be cosy. Ashley and I got closer, but never really discussed our problems; luckily my Uncle didn't get many chances to beat me to a pulp, so there were hardly any questions asked. All I had to do was cook dinner for him - usually involved shoving a pizza in the oven for him - then followed by hiding in my room for the rest of the evening. Luckily he was so drunk he'd pass out at around 9 or 10 o'clock, 11 on really bad days. Either way, my existence only mattered when he was hungry.


On the weekends I spent my time at Ashley's or we would go down to the field if the builders were being particularly noisy (their house was being developed and extended). I got to know his family fairly well, especially Mrs. Purdy, or Momma Purdy as we referred to her as; his father I wasn't so close to, mainly because he got in later than I was around usually. Ashley had no siblings, so we got to hang out in his room in the loft a lot, just watching movies and talking.


It was nice, having someone to talk to, be with; we were close than I was with my old best friend. She didn't see the dark side of me like Ash had glimpsed, and we hadn't really talked since she left and had got a whole tonne of friends. She hadn't talked to me since she got a boyfriend, which was at the start of October. I think Ash has saved me from multiple breakdowns without realising it, but there are still times when I can't cope and lose it. Unfortunately with the uplifting of mood and actually feeling again, my murky mood swings hit harder than before; giving up completely has started to rapidly cross my mind at those times.


Ashley wasn't free from dips in moods either as the resident bullies of our school (the small "gang" of chavs, consisting of about 10 imbeciles) decided to pick on him and call him a "faggot" and a "gaylord". He responded with feigned boredom to them and harsh notes were returned with red ink underlining their spelling, and green ink pointing out their grammar. He handled it like a pro, but I knew it got to him, as did Momma Purdy who brought it up at dinner sometimes. I envied how he could tell his parents anything, although he did so awkwardly; even I didn't have that luxury when my parents were alive.


The only weakness he had was when they dragged me into their games, he wouldn't stand for me being bullied too. It was sweet really, stupid but sweet. We could handle it, until one afternoon...


A/N: TO BE CONTINUED MWAHAHA I'll finish typing the rest of this up tomorrow, sorry it's a filler, I just.. It'll be more I've just been summonded in, on a family computer, yadadadadada SORRY xx

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