Its Cold Outside, And You Need A Jacket

Hannah Snowdon was a beautiful, and talented tattoo artist. After bumping into lead singer, Oliver Sykes, in a coffee house, what will happen?


2. Tattoos

"I think i know where your from" Oliver stated and i laughed.

"Your still going on about that?" i exited his car and we walked up to my apartment. I found the stairs and began walking. 

"Your name is Hannah, your covered in tattoos, and you told me you are familier with the tattoo gun", He said as i twisted the key in my door and it swung open

"Yes, and?" i smirked and entered my place. it was pretty plain. I Barley moved her from across the state a month ago. everything hasnt been shipped yet.

"Your Hannah Snowdon, the famous tattoo artist. You've done my tattoos before, how did  i not notice you?" I widened my eyes and turned around. 

"I dont know maybe you didnt really paying attention", i whispered and walked to my bedroom door. "Ill be right out" i whispered and took off my heels. He cant find out about my nose job, he'll think im a terrible person. I unwrapped my scarf and threw it on my bed. I walked out and oli smiled at me.

"You were an adorable baby", He said motioning to a baby picture. My fat chubby cheeks were the only thing that took up the picture. I laughed and he smiled. 

"Thanks, i was a fat baby with bug eyes", I said and he smirked and put it back on the bar table. I was about to speak when he walked up to me and asked for my phone. I gave him a questioning look and handed it to him. He played with it for a while and handed it back to me. 

"I added my number to your contact list", I smiled and my cheeks turned crimson. 

"Well thank you", i said and he smiled widley. That smile slowely faded as his phone went off


"I gotta go" He said hanging up the phone. I sighed in dissapointment and he shrugged. "Work", He said bluntly and i nodded to agree. He walked to my door, but didnt leave without giving me a hug. I closed the door and sat on the couch. I noticed somthing. A bracelet was left on the coffee table. I walked to the door and opened it, but he was gone. I walked inside and threw it back to where it was. I walked to the shower and began the water.

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