Its Cold Outside, And You Need A Jacket

Hannah Snowdon was a beautiful, and talented tattoo artist. After bumping into lead singer, Oliver Sykes, in a coffee house, what will happen?


1. I Think Ive Seen You

Ive seen many people and couples walk past the window i was staring out. They were all diffrent. A Family holding a baby, A elderly couple holding hands, and new teen love showing PDA. I miss being the girl everyone wanted, and seeing everyone be happy but me. Love isnt somthing im lucky with. Love kinda hates me. I took a sip of my coffee and my phone went off. I hate when my mom does this. She calls my house phone, and if im not home, shell call my phone. I put it on silent and stared out of the window into Brighton. Everything was so beautiful. So elegant. All the women dressed in fur coats and red pimps. "Excuse me, may i sit with you?", A deep raspy voice coo'd into my ears. I looked up to see a familiar face, but i dont know where from.

"Sure", I said politley with a half smile.

"So what is a lovely lady like you doing here at a coffee shop, alone?", He said and i chuckled.

"Well being a loner would be the obvious answer, but id say im clearing my mind", I said and he smiled.

"Your to pretty to be a loner", His green eyes sparkled and my cheeks turned a shade of light pink.

"Thank you, you are very kind",  I whisper and he looks around.

"Why dont we go outside and get some fresh air? The park Perhaps?", I felt my stumich flip and my head nodded without thinking. He stood up and shoved his hand infront of my face, "Shall we?". 

I giggled and nodded "We shall". I took his hand and we walked to the park.


"I feel like ive seen you somwhere" I whispered studying his face and he mangled an ice cream cone.

"Maybe you have, have you heard of the Bring Me The Horizon?" He asked and took another lick of the snow cone.

"Yes, why?", I asked and he chuckled. 

"Im oliver sykes, the lead singer", He said opening his shirt.He had a Band tee showing 5 people.

"Thats cool", i smiled and he nodded. 

"Ive seen you somewhere to havnt i?" He said and i hid in my hair.

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