The Life Of Miss Amelia Holmes: The Locket

Amelia Rose Holmes. Is Not your average High school student. With the constant drama of her life and the ever so sudden appearance of James Moriarty will she be protected.
(Sherlock Holmes fanfic)


12. The Cabin



I stumbled back and leaned against the wall, staring into his eyes. I collected myself and looked out of the, now smashed, window. As a guy walked into the cabin quickly, I backed away to the corner once again.


“Moriarty, Its not here” Said the guy, shooting a quick look behind him, at me. Felix stood up, slowly and approached the tall, well built man. He smirked, circling him critically. Donald Braithwaite, the annoying over reactive teacher.

“Its boss to you. And how about you go fetch some tea for our guest?”  He snarled. The man quickly exited the cabin, pulling his hat further over his eyes, hiding them.


“ Moriarty?...Oh Gosh… You’re Moriarty?” I stuttered, barley getting my thoughts straight. He smiled at me, subtly. I sat down in his arm chair, crossing one leg over the other.


“I  would have told you but, I knew you'd think I was a bad guy. Moriarty is nothing more than my name, I love you.” He said, taking the other chair.” He laughed bitterly I sighed and rested my elbow on the side of arm chair. He  was clever, no-one could deny him of that. But he was predictable everything was simple with him. Nothing was spontaneous, apart from his secret identity.


“ You…Why should I believe you?” I said, not sure whether to laugh or cry, or both. I got up and started pacing around the room. “ You lied to me. You said I could trust you, yet you lie about who you are?"


He stood up, a look of regret in his eye. It obviously wasn’t regret but I  hoped it was.

“ Amelia. Mia..I need that locket.” I looked out of the window staring at the meadows. He rested his hands onto my shoulders.


“ Why do you need the locket?” I questioned, turning around to face him. He lead me back to the arm chair, where I sat, overwhelmed. He walked slowly over to the bookshelf behind me, taking out the thickest book. He flipped through the dusty pages till he got to the middle. He handed me the book.


“ The Moriarty Locket has been handed down many generations, sapphire encrusted, it has the code for the biggest Moriarty vault. It must be kept safe and one day will be opened by James Moriarty the 2nd.” I read not taking in what I was reading. “ No, but  Mycroft said…”


Could he have been lying? A book seemed more official than just being told by your eldest brother, who always had it in for you? What if Moriarty had been the good guy all along?


“ So you going to help me?” He said sweetly. I nodded.

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