The Life Of Miss Amelia Holmes: The Locket

Amelia Rose Holmes. Is Not your average High school student. With the constant drama of her life and the ever so sudden appearance of James Moriarty will she be protected.
(Sherlock Holmes fanfic)


15. Lets go.

I awoke to the sound of birds singing and the sky, a pink-orange colour. I looked over to see everyone else sleeping silently and made my way over to the lake. The water was freezing cold but I didn’t care. It reminded me. Reminded me of the times I’d spent there, why I was there right then. A small fox scurried on the other side of the bank, its auburn fur shining in the early sunlight.


The tree’s swayed gently as the wind brushed through them. I knew I should have been saving my strength but I decided to run a lap of the lake. My heart pounded in my throat and my head was heavy. Short, sharp breaths interrupted my thoughts but I didn’t mind. It helped me forget everything, as if I were free.


I sprinted back to my original spot and lay on the bank of the lake, breathless.

“Early riser?” Moriarty asked, Laying beside me. I nodded, answering his question. With our hands entwined we occasionally glanced at each other happily, keeping out thoughts to ourselves.

A voice coughed behind us.

I looked in the corner of my eye to see Hunter smirking.


“ While you two having romantic morning moment isn’t heart warming. I thought we had business to attend to?” She spat, hands on hips, flipping her indigo hair out of her eyes.

“ Ah. Yes sure!” He agreed, getting up slowly, following her lead. I grabbed the rucksack beside me, rolling my eyes. We trekked further into the forest, not quite sure where to go. The sun had risen quickly and was now high in the powder blue sky.


I tripped a couple of times on the loose rocks but was quickly caught by Iron, one of the younger boys of the group. We talked about plans to walk into the hills to a new cabin, a larger one that could accommodate everyone.

“ Keep up Amelia!” Mocked Hunter.

“ It’s Mia. And Ill walk how I like!” I smirked back, dragging my heels. She shook her head slowly, linking arms with Moriarty. I felt a dagger of jealously stab my heart, twisting deeper and deeper as they edge closer together. I caught up with them, linking his other arm. I felt a deep sigh of relief as he unhooked his arm from Hunter and kissed my cheek quickly before directing everyone left.


Before long we had reached the cabin, it was spacious and warm. I ran over to the nicest bed and claimed it with my bags. It had a dark plum cover and cream pillows with gently ruffles.


The others seemed less impressive in shades of blue and pink. I looked inside the draws to find a couple of books: Little women; Ballet shoes and finally my favourite, the great Gatsby. The book its self was amazing but the memories paired with it was just perfect.


We all tucked into some stew, made by Hunter. I picked at mine cautiously, hoping she hadn’t poisoned it in someway. Yet after eating most of it, I agreed she was an amazing cook.


I walked over to my bed and tucked my self in. I reached for the book beside me but tiredness took over and sent me into a sweet dream.


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