The Life Of Miss Amelia Holmes: The Locket

Amelia Rose Holmes. Is Not your average High school student. With the constant drama of her life and the ever so sudden appearance of James Moriarty will she be protected.
(Sherlock Holmes fanfic)


22. home

I flung my arms around Sherlock. Gosh I had missed him so much.

"Please don't hate me! I just believed him. I was just confused!" I cried into his shoulder. He wrapped his arms tighter around me.

“I could never hate you. I can't say mother and father are too all but who cares your safe now" he replied choking back tears of his own. Iron was too tired and sore to talk and Moriarty was passed out in the back

. “I should have found out who he was; it's my entire fault" Sherlock rambled. I shook my head him and explained that I should have listened to him and done what he said. We sat there talking, not about happened, not about how we changed but who we were. I felt a sudden stab of guilt in my stomach, I felt as though I couldn't face home, my parents, Mycroft.

“Don’t worry about mum and dad I told them to go easy on you. So how did you get that?" He said motioning towards my cut on my face.

“Strangely, a glass attacked my face" I laughed. I watched Iron sit up beside me." This is Iron, he texted you. Do you think he can stay with us? He has no where to go? Please?"

“Mia! Calm down. I'm sure we can sort it out okay? But first you need to at least grace mum and dad with your presence" He said, closing his eyes. I nodded and accepted that I needed to calm down. I plugged in my ear phones and let the music take me away.

I loved the way that the gentle beats could unwind all your stress and make you forget who you were. After I long ride I sat in the sun on the field beside our house. I felt worse that I had ever before and even with Iron sat beside me, I thought my world could fall apart at any moment. I heard Sherlock shouting my name so I stood up quickly, my knees week. I took Irons hand squeezing it tightly.

At least I had my real best friend through all of it. I came to the ever so familiar front door of the house and turned the handle slowly. I walked into the ever so grand living room to see my family and Sherlock’s work colleagues sitting looking deathly pale. They all looked up, as if in canon. My mother stood up slowly and wrapped her arms around me at the same speed, as if she wasn't sure if I were real.

“Sorry" I whispered.

“No don't apologize. I should have been there for you," she said, trying not to cry.

“We both should have been" announced my dad, walking up to me, joining the hug with his eyes tear stained. It was awkward but it was safe. I knew I belonged. Where was Mycroft? I looked around the room for him. He wasn't there. I excused myself and strolled out into the garden. There he was. He said on the side of the wall, his head buried in his hands. I jumped on the wall beside him.

“What’s up Holmie?" I asked smiling. He looked up laughing and put his arm around me. We may have fallen out in the passed most days but we were the Holmes' and we watched out for each other.

“A glass attacked my face you know" I explained, as he looked at the cut across the side of my face. It had nearly faded now, almost completely. We walked back into the living room which had the lights turned off. I turned them on curious about where everyone had gone.

"SURPRISE!!" I scanned the room to see balloons and streamers carelessly thrown around the room and a 'Welcome Back' banner hung upon the wall. Everyone was there apart from a few people, probably taking Moriarty to the police station. I didn't care though I was going to have fun and forget about the last few months.

I saw Iron sitting on the sofa and as he caught my eye he stood up immediately and walked over. I smiled at him. The music from the stereo began to play. Iron and I started to dance together it was nothing like with Moriarty I actually felt connected to Iron. I didn't believe in soul mates but I knew me and Iron were meant to be together. The rest of the night was spent talking dancing and celebrating. I had missed and completely forgotten my birthday but coming home was the best present ever.


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