The Life Of Miss Amelia Holmes: The Locket

Amelia Rose Holmes. Is Not your average High school student. With the constant drama of her life and the ever so sudden appearance of James Moriarty will she be protected.
(Sherlock Holmes fanfic)


20. Gretna Green

" Mia? " I heard someone whisper. I looked up to see Iron, his eyes shining in the darkness of the bus. I sighed in relief. His blonde hair flopped over his eyes as he lay beside me. He was handsome but I couldn't be with him because at some point Moriarty would find out and I'd never get to see him again. The thought of being away from my best friend, because he was that, seemed to burn deep with in. I knew I could do it, I had to.

" I found out where the vault is." He smiled quietly. I sat up quickly and listened to what he had to say." It's in Scotland, Gretna Green and were in Carlisle. So about an hour away or so."
Huh. The secret vault, was in  the place where a young couple run off to get married?
" Don't worry, I'm not going to propose!" He laughed at me. I joined in, laughing so hard I could hardly breathe.
" If we don't stop giggling they will wake up!" I whispered still choking back laughter. We both lay back down. I hadn't realised  how uncomfortable those seats were until one of the springs uncoiled and dug into my back.

One hour left of hell until I could call Sherlock and he could come save me. Like always. I smiled at the moon above us in the sky, How care free she was yet she had literally the world counting on her. I decided I should be like the moon. Care free. You only live once, but if I did it right then that was enough. I could see Hunter was stirring in her sleep so I turned on my side hoping she would ignore me and Iron

Due to her ignorance she did ignore us as she stood up and grabbed her water from the front of the bus. Gosh I was thirsty but I couldn't get up now, she'd probably interrogate me or worse, be nice. I laughed at myself, usually I would have just gone and got the water, but it was necessary.
The roads were empty for a morning. Back in London the roads were always busy, cabs, cars and cyclists plagued the streets. I missed that. The truth was I missed everything about before. The Sun gently rose into the sky, taking the moon's place. It streamed out through the clouds and blinded the tree's with its bright light.

I thought back to Felix and I hanging out in the forest, falling asleep in the same warm sunshine. I thought I knew him better than anyone else. Even Sherlock, how stupid was I.

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