The Life Of Miss Amelia Holmes: The Locket

Amelia Rose Holmes. Is Not your average High school student. With the constant drama of her life and the ever so sudden appearance of James Moriarty will she be protected.
(Sherlock Holmes fanfic)


8. Going Against Sherlock.





    There was no reply. I paced down stairs to find a note. People in our house were so indirect, notes voice mails no-one seemed to talk.  Sherlock was at the lab and that he didn't need any help on that case, and school didn’t start till next week. I decided to use time wisely and meet with Felix. We hadn't spoke since last night, so I suppose I'd have to explain myself, my disappearances. I scrambled through the kitchen trying to find something, edible to eat.

Everything had passed its sell by date, or grown various coloured moulds that made it a seem like a faded rainbow. I decided to settle on a biscuit, that had been stashed in my school bag. It was sweet, sickly sweet almost. Felix had decided to meet me in the woods. 

Most people would have said no to wandering about in the deep and dark of the forest but it was soothing. The gentle chorus of the birds and the fresh smell of the green grass, was tranquil . The leaves swayed in the summer breeze as I strolled to the little cabin ahead.

It was abandoned, but always seemed in great condition. The ivy, that should have chocked the porch was cut back into small sculptures. And the windows were double glazed. I saw Felix, sitting on the steps. He flicked his hair out of his eyes and smiled. I clasped the locket, that was round my neck.

He stood up as he saw me.

" Hey, Holmie" he laughed. I gave him a fake-death stare, but soon fell into a fit of giggles. His eyes seemed extraordinarily Purple, but I didn't mind. " So Cinderella why did you flee from the ball, Was your pumpkin about to expire?"

" No. It wasn't. Something a lot better," I said, smiling whilst showing the locket." Its ancient and we need to keep it safe. I'm guessing its to do with Moriarty, a code or something."

His face seemed to darken, yet a smirk played upon his thin lips. He undid the locket, to get a closer look, but I gently took it out of his hands. I trusted him but, you could never be too careful.

" I can take care of that if you like. You know keep it safe from James Moriarty" He said the smirk turning into more of a serious face. I shook my head and explained what Sherlock had said " Amelia you can trust me!"

“ How do you know his first name?” I questioned,

“ Mia, I work with your brother. I’m obviously going to over hear stuff. You can trust me you know.” He replied, taking my hand. I let go off his hand, shaking my head slightly.

I put the locket back around my neck. Of course I trusted him but, I couldn't really go against Sherlock anymore. I got up and walked over to the lake, Situated behind the cabin. The what was summer breeze had picked up into more of a wind, and tiny raindrops started to bounce of off the waves. I turned around to beckon Felix over, But he had gone.

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