I Love You To The Moon and Back (Niall fantic)

Olivia lives a normal life for a normal teenage girl in London. Until she meets someone on the walk home. Her life is going to be like a rollercoaster ride. She will have fun moments, crazy ones and bad ones. But she will always pull through no matter what because she will have that special someone in her life to help her along..


7. 7

Olivia's POV

She was about to scream but I put my hand up to her mouth. "Shhh Tyler and Natalie are asleep!" I whisper shouted

"Sorry. But is this the guy that you said that took you home?" she said really excited


"You know who he is right?!"

"Yeah I do. What are you doing here?"

"Oh I don't know I just got bored. I will go if you want?"

"Actually yes I do. I'm not trying to be mean or anything but I will call you later tonight, yeah" I whispered taking her to the door

"Oh I got you" she said winking

"Goodbye Jae." I said pushing her out of the door and looked over at Niall

"Who was that?" he asked

"That was my friend Jaelynn. Her full name is Elizabeth Jaelynn but I call her Jae for short."

"Oh well she is very hyper" he said laughing "Let's watch a movie!"

"Ok!" I showed him all the movie I had. I went to the kitchen to grab some snacks. I really hope he didn't pick a scary movie. "Did you pick a movie?"

"Yeah I hope you like scary movies because I picked 'The Last Exorcism'" (A/N: I thought that movie was scary as shit) Great. Just my luck.

"Y-yeah that's fine." I put the snacks down on the floor and sat down on the floor. I don't like watching scary movie with nothing behind hints why I sat on the floor.

Niall sat down beside me "Don't worry I'll protect you." he winked. He grabbed some chips and played the movie.

We were in the middle of the movie and I was way past scary. It was terrified! I was so terrified that I was shaking. Niall must have noticed because he set the chips down and wrapped his arm around me and said "Don't worry I'm here." oh my god he's so cute...snap out of it Olivia.

I jumped at the part where this big face came through the wall out of no where. I hind my face in Niall's chest. "Can we turn the movie off?" I pleaded

"Yeah sure thing." Niall got up and turned off the movie "What do you want to do?"

"How about we watch a good...that's not scary"
"Like what?"

"How about a Disney movie? I love Disney movies!" I jumped up from the sofa and went to my movie collection. I looked through them and found Pocahontas.

"Did you find one?" Niall said sitting on the floor again.

"Yep!" I put the movie in and turned around and I about jumped out of my skin when I saw Tyler standing behind the sofa. "What are you doing up buddy?" I said walking over to him

"I had a bad dream. Can I stay down here with you?"

"Sure. We are about to watch a movie."

Tyler and I sat down on the floor next to Niall and watched the movie.

At the end of the movie I looked over to see Tyler and Niall laying down on the floor asleep. Their so cute.

"Hey Niall." I said shaking him

"Is the movie over?"

"Yeah. Are you going home or are you staying over?"

"Can I stay over?"

"Yeah. I think Tyler likes you."

"Oh yeah?"

"Yeah. Usually he doesn't talk to people he doesn't know." We got up, took Tyler to his room and went to my room.

"Where am I going to sleep?" Niall said standing at the door

"Uhhh. In here I guess. I don't have beds in the guest rooms."


I went to go change in my bathroom and when I came out Niall was putting pillows and blankets on the floor

"Niall you don't have to sleep on the floor. You can sleep with me on my bed. If you want"

"Ok I didn't know if you wanted me to or not" we both laid down and fell asleep in no time.

~Next morning~

I woke up to see that Niall wasn't beside me. I checked my phone to see what time it was. 9:30 am. I also saw that I have 2 text messages.

From: Nialler(;

'I had to go record today. I will be back later to get my stuff.'

My other one was from Mom

From: Mom

'Hey sweetie. I was going to call yesterday but I forgot. Natalie and Tyler will be staying all summer instead of  a few days. I will send you some money that will last the whole summer. Dad and I love you!'

The whole summer?!

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