I Love You To The Moon and Back (Niall fantic)

Olivia lives a normal life for a normal teenage girl in London. Until she meets someone on the walk home. Her life is going to be like a rollercoaster ride. She will have fun moments, crazy ones and bad ones. But she will always pull through no matter what because she will have that special someone in her life to help her along..


4. 4

Olivia's POV

Jae felt a few minutes ago after watching a movie, but I didn't pay any attention to it because I was thinking about Niall. I just can't stop thinking about him. I didn't want to tell Jae what his name was because she will freak.

I laid down in my bed still thinking about Niall. Just as I was about to fall asleep my phone went off. Come on people can I not sleep.

From: Mom

'Hi sweetie. I know it's 11 where you are but I just wanted to remind you that your brother and sister will be coming to stay with you for a few days. So be up early to pick them up in the morning around 8. Dad and I love you very much!'

Shit I forgot all about that! I need to call Niall...maybe I will do that in the morning.

~Next  morning~

"Hello?" I said into the phone

"Where are you?" I looked at my phone to see that it was my sister

"Damn it! I'm sorry I will be there in a bit." I hung up and got out of bed.

My hair was still up in a bun so I left it. I went to my closet and got out a grey jumper, black yoga pants, white scarf, and brown boots. I got dressed and walked in my bathroom to brush my teeth.

I walked out my door to see Niall in my drive way. Shit I forgot all about our date.

"Hey I was about to come and get you."

"I'm sorry. I forgot to call you. I have pick up my brother and sister at the airport."

"It's fine. I will drive you."

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah come on."

I got in and we drove off.

"By the way you look beautiful today." he said looking at me. I turned away so he wouldn't see me blush.

We got to the airport and walked to the door.

"You can go wait at the car."

"Ok...good idea"

I walked in and called my sister.

"Are you here yet?" she basically yelled into the phone

"Chill ok. I am at the front come on." I hung up and waited for a bit.

I saw my little brother running towards. I bent down and opened my arms.

"Hey buddy!" I said engulfing him into a hug

"Hey! I missed sissy!" I laughed

"How old are you now? 6?" He laughed

"No I'm 4!" I laughed and picked him up

"Hey. Are you going to give me a hug?" I said looking at my sister

"Fine..." she walk over to me

"You don't have to miss 14 year old. To old for hugs are we?"

"Can we just go?"

"Ok ok." I put Tyler, my brother, down and helped them with their bags.

We walked out and I scanned the parking lot to find Niall. My eyes stopped and landed on him. He was leaning up against his car playing on his phone. I bit my lip.

"Liv are you ok?" Natalie, my sister, asked 

"Yeah I'm fine. I was looking for the car...I found it. Come on loves." I said then stopped "Natalie don't freak out"

When we got to his car, I swear Natalie screamed so loud I think my mom could have heard her.

"NATALIE." I whisper shouted "I'm sorry Niall. Can we just go?"

"Yeah sure thing." he laughed

We got in the car and drove off.

"Oh thanks by the way for taking me to get them."

"You're welcome. Now who are they?"

"My brother, Tyler and my sister N-"

"NATALIE!" oh my gosh she gets on my nerves

"Well nice to meet you both." he said smiling.

He pulled up in my drive way and all of us got out. We got the bags and walked in my flat.

"Thanks again." I said following Niall to the door.

"No problem." He smiled and walked out.

"Wait!" he stopped and turned around "Why don't you stay for awhile? Yeah"

"Ok!" he said running inside. I closed door and saw Niall playing with Tyler in the living room. I smiled.

A/N: Hey guys! I am not promising but I will try to update tomorrow as well. Sorry if this was boring. Thanks so much for reading!(: 

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