I Love You To The Moon and Back (Niall fantic)

Olivia lives a normal life for a normal teenage girl in London. Until she meets someone on the walk home. Her life is going to be like a rollercoaster ride. She will have fun moments, crazy ones and bad ones. But she will always pull through no matter what because she will have that special someone in her life to help her along..


3. 3

Olivia's POV

I walked in my flat, set my bag down, and walked upstairs to my room. For one person this is a huge house. I am from America but I wanted to move here. My mom and dad thought it was a great idea for me to come here and live here so they brought me this house and everything. My grandparents live here as well so whenever I need anything I go there or to Jae's house. My brother and sister coming to visit me when they have time out from school. Sometimes I miss America but then again not really.

I laid down on my bed and just looked up at the ceiling. I was just about to fall asleep when my phone rang.

"Hello?" I said into the phone not even looking to see who it was

"I'm in the house.." a creepy voice said into the phone

"Who is this?" I asked. I looked to see who it was and it said blocked. I was about to say something but they rung up. Great.

I got up, grabbed my baseball bat, and slowly walked downstairs. It was really dark inside my flat but I didn't want to turn on the light.

I walked into the kitchen and looked around but didn't see anyone. Right when I turned to walk to the living room someone jumped out of now where.

"BOO!" I think I literally jumped 10 feet in the air. I turned on the light.

"Damn it Jae! You scared the shit out of me!" I yelled and walked back upstairs with her following behind. "Was that you that call? Why are you here? And how the hell did you get in?"

"Yes, you told me to come and bring you your stuff, and you gave me a key." I looked back at her to see her grinning like an idiot.

"Don't scare me again."

"Ok. But why do you have your old baseball bat?"

"Because I was scared!"

"Oh ok." we laid on my bed but we didn't talk

I decided to break the silence "Someone gave me a ride here."

"Really? Who? Was it is a cute guy? Omg please tell me it was a hot guy!"

"Yep." I said popping the p

"What's his name? Did you get his number?" I was about to answer her when I got a text message on my phone "Is that him?!"

"You need to chill."

"I can't Liv! You know how long its been since you had a boyfriend?"

"Shut up." I looked at phone to see that it was Niall who text me

From: Nialler(;

'Hey I was wondering if we could go to Starbucks or something tomorrow. Would that be ok?'

I must have been blushing because Jae started laughing at me.


"Nothing." she laughed

To: Nialler(;

'That sounds great! I would love too!'

Right when I put my phone down he text me again. Dang that was fast.

From: Nialler(;

'Awesome! I will see you tomorrow morning at 10(;'

To: Nialler(;

'See you tomorrow!(;

He's to cute

A/N: Hey guy! Sorry I haven't updated in awhile. I just started school and I have had A LOT of homework. Anyways I will try to update to tomorrow as well. Thanks so much for reading!(:

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