I Can... Explain? (Completed)

"Melissa please wait!" "Leave me alone Niall!" I shouted but didn't turn around. I was determined to shake him away. He'd done enough. "Melissa! Please! I-I-I-I can explain?" "What's there to explain? We were happy together and then one day you left to become famous! That's all there is Niall! All there is. So just go back to your famous rock star life and leave me ALONE!" I scoffed off, leaving him in the dust. Copyright © 2013


5. Chapter 5


After I woke up from my nap my mum came in and brought me some soup. "Mum I'm not sick" I chuckled taking the soup from her. "I didn't know what else to get you." "Nando's would've been a nice choice!" She chuckled, "Sorry honey I wasn't thinking. How's your bruise? And your eye?" "Still a little painful but not too much." "You want me to get you some more ice?" She asked picking up the warm ice pack from my bedside table. "Sure that would be great. Thanks mum" She kissed my forehead, "You're welcome honey." But instead of her coming up with the ice pack a few minutes later, Melissa came in and set the ice pack on my bruise. "Hey princess what are you doing here?" I asked with a smile. "Cut the sweetness Niall. What's going on? Please I'm really worried about you." He sighed, "Melissa I don't want you to worry about this. Please don't get yourself involved." "Niall I was involved before I even knew I was involved! Hunter obviously knew about me before he threatened you." "Melissa please, stay out of this!" "Niall I just want to help you!" "Melissa. I'm sorry, I just can't let you get hurt. It would destroy me." I tipped her chin up and forced her to look at me, "I can't let it happen. I just can't." She sighed, "I know, but when I heard him say that I'd never see you again.." "I know" I wrapped her in my arms, "But that's never going to happen." I kissed her head. She looked up me, still looking worried. "How can you be so sure?" "To be honest I'm not, but I know that whatever happens you are going to be fine." She nodded, hopefully believing me. "Are you still in pain?" She asked changing the subject. "Little bit but I'll be fine. By the way do you have the Chemistry homework? Since I missed class today." "Oh yeah! That's what I came over here to give you." She handed me a huge packet of makeup work. "Seriously? We did all this in class today?" She nodded, "Yep. Enjoy yourself." She pecked me on the cheek and got off the bed. "Where do you think you're going?" I asked in teasing voice. "Home.." "Stay with me!" I said in happy child voice. She turned around the smiled, "Fine. You're lucky it isn't a school night or else my mum wouldn't let me stay." "Well then lucky you." She sat down beside me again, "All right let's get started. I know the real reason you're making me stay is because you want me to help you with your homework." Busted. "Come on you're so good at this! Please help me!" I begged, if wasn't for my bruise I'd be down on my knees right now. She smiled smugly, "You're lucky you're cute."


"Can we please be done now?" Niall whined for what seemed like the billionth time. "Niall come on just one more question." "You said that twenty questions ago..." He mumbled. "Come on Niall I really want you to learn this, I can't be your private tutor forever you know." "And why not?" He asked. "Because I have my own school work to do you know. In case you forgot?" He chuckled, "It's another excuse to spend time together. In case you forgot?" "All right, all right I see your point. But I also need you to focus." "Oh I'm focused" He said moving closer to me, "On your gorgeous lips." I raised my eyebrows, "Oh are you?" He nodded, closing the space between us.

*A/N Aw! How adorable! Sorry for the shortie but I needed to give you guys something right? I won't be updating again 'til tomorrow so.. give your big girl (or big boy) pants on and try to contain yourselves. Like, comment, favorite, and fan! <333 Elizabethluvs1D xx*

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