I Can... Explain? (Completed)

"Melissa please wait!" "Leave me alone Niall!" I shouted but didn't turn around. I was determined to shake him away. He'd done enough. "Melissa! Please! I-I-I-I can explain?" "What's there to explain? We were happy together and then one day you left to become famous! That's all there is Niall! All there is. So just go back to your famous rock star life and leave me ALONE!" I scoffed off, leaving him in the dust. Copyright © 2013


4. Chapter 4


I walked into school the next day with Niall, our hands intertwined together. I couldn't help but smile. Fourteen years later and we were finally together, seriously took us long enough! We walked to my locker and I got my books, "You sure you don't want me to come with you?" I asked putting my books in my backpack. "I'm sure, my locker is on the other side of the school, I'm not going to make you late again." "But if you're late again you'll get detention." "I'll be quick." "All right, all right. I'll see you in class" I pecked him on the cheek and went off to class. I took my usual seat and waited for class to start, but I mostly stared at the clock. Niall had five minutes to get here, 'Calm down Melissa. He'll be here.' The teacher began to take attendance and Niall still wasn't here. I wanted to take my phone out and text him but the teacher was incredibly strict and would send it along with me to the office. I got through the rest of class but Niall still didn't show up. I was really getting worried now. I decided to walk to his locker and see if he was there, I was about to turn the corner when I heard a guy say "You give me my money now!" "I don't have your money! All right? Leave me alone!" I heard a familiar Irish accent and knew it was Niall. "Oh really? Why's that? Spending too much time with your little girlfriend?" "Who?" My eyes widened at his question, but instantly calmed down when I knew he was just trying to protect me. "You know who I'm talking about you moron! Melissa Parker. Senior, head cheerleader, straight A student who happens to super hot." I rolled my eyes, 'What a pig!' "You stay away from her! I swear if do as much as lay a hand on her I'll-" "You'll what? Because from the looks of it you can't take me on. You better have my money by the end of the week or your little girlfriend well let's just say you'll never see her again." I gulped, this was bad. I heard a bang from the locker and footsteps take off the opposite direction. Once they were gone I went over to Niall who was laying in pain on the floor. "Oh my goodness Niall! Are you all right?" I knelt down beside him. He didn't say anything, he just moaned in pain. His condition brought tears to my eyes. I stood up and helped him up, "I'm taking you to the nurse. You're going to be fine." I put an arm around his shoulder trying to support his weight and led him to the nurse's office. The nurse took a look at his condition and had me put him on a cot. I sat in a chair beside his cot while the nurse examined him, he had a huge bruise on his chest and slight black eye from being punched. "I'll be right I'm going to get an ice pack" The nurse returned seconds later and placed an ice pack on Niall's bruise, "I'm going to go to your mum. Just stay put for a while ok?" Niall nodded and the nurse walked away. "What happened Niall? Why was that guy hurting you?" Worry was filling my voice. "It's nothing sweetheart, don't worry about me." "Niall I'm serious!" "Melissa, please don't worry about me. I'm fine." "Niall you are far from fine! Look at yourself! You've got a huge bruise on your stomach that's probably going to hurt for a while and a slight black eye. What was going on?" He took hold of my hand and rubbed it with his thumb, "Please don't worry about it Melissa. Everything is fine." I sighed, "Niall don't play dumb with me. I was there, well I went looking for you and saw and heard the whole thing." His eyes nearly fell out of his skull, "Melissa listen to me. Hunter Reynolds is a very dangerous guy. You can't get involved, please just forget about it." "Niall I can't! This concerns you. I'm not just going to ignore it." He sighed, "I'll tell you later all right?" "Thank you. I just want to make you're ok, I'm not trying to be nosy." "I know princess and I'm sorry I'm being so short with you but this is a dangerous situation. I can't have you getting hurt. I'm assuming you heard that part?" I nodded, "Yeah." He squeezed my hand, "He's not going to go anywhere near you. I will make sure of that." I looked at the ground, "Yeah." Before he could say something else the nurse came back in, "Niall your mother is here. Melissa you can go back to class now." "I'll come over after school all right?" He nodded, "See you then." The nurse gave me a pass to class before I left the office. I couldn't stop thinking about what that guy had said, 'Was he really going to hurt me? He sounded pretty serious.. don't worry Melissa. Niall won't let him hurt you. Yeah he says that.. No, no I've got to have some faith in him.' I took another breath and went to class.


My mum took me home and I went right up to my room. I saw how worried Melissa was, it sickened me. Seeing her scared like that. I couldn't get Hunter get to her, I've known her for years and even though she's tough and confident most of the time she still got scared in certain situations. Which worried me. Why did I have to go and screw up? Oh that's right, I wanted to make some extra money for my mom because she was struggling. And look where it got me? Bruised, in pain, and most of all scared. Scared for myself and now for Melissa. I couldn't let her end up like me, it would destroy me. I had to get stupid Hunter his stupid money. And I had to it fast before he got to Melissa.

*A/N Ooo someone's trouble.. dear Lord Niall don't mess with scary people! It's one of the major rules of common sense. Geez. Oh well he'll learn. Hope you're enjoying the story so far! Because more drama is coming(: Like, comment, favorite, and fan! <333 Elizabethluvs1D xx*

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