I Can... Explain? (Completed)

"Melissa please wait!" "Leave me alone Niall!" I shouted but didn't turn around. I was determined to shake him away. He'd done enough. "Melissa! Please! I-I-I-I can explain?" "What's there to explain? We were happy together and then one day you left to become famous! That's all there is Niall! All there is. So just go back to your famous rock star life and leave me ALONE!" I scoffed off, leaving him in the dust. Copyright © 2013


3. Chapter 3


'I am such an idiot!' I scolded myself, 'You should've just told her!' Mel and I arrived to class sneaking under the teacher's radar as we took our seats. "Melissa Parker, Niall Horan. You're late." The teacher looked at us over thick black glasses. "We're sorry Miss.." "Mrs. Thomas." "Mrs. Thomas, we're sorry we're late. We won't be late again." Mel promised. "I sure hope not because the next time either of you are late it's detention." We nodded in synch as she turned back to writing things on the blackboard. "We can't ever be late again!" Mel whisper-snapped at me. "I know and I'm so sorry, I'll never make you late again." We made it through class and the rest of the day and went back to Mel's house after school. We were there alone since her mum was at work, I was in the middle of doing an Algebra 2 problem when Mel laid a hand on my arm. "Niall, will you please tell me what you were going to tell me earlier? I'm sorry to pester you but-" I cut off by pressing my lips to hers. She was surprised at first but started kissing back almost right away. The kiss deepened instantly, I looped my arms around her waist as she looped hers around my neck. I pulled her closer so she was in my lap as her fingers wove through my bleached blonde hair. We pulled away breathless several seconds later, "I really, really like you Mel. I have for a really long time and I wanted to tell you earlier but I was so nervous. I didn't want to ruin our friendship. I hope that you're not upset I didn't tell you.." "It's all right Niall. I understand, I felt the same way and didn't know how to tell you. But now I know that I should've told you." "Don't be sorry. Let's just be happy." She hugged me tightly in response, "So we're together?" She asked sounding slightly hesitant. A wide grin spread across my face, "Yes. Definitely." She smiled back, "Maybe should get back to our homework?" "Screw homework! At least for now, I'd rather do this." I said before crushing my lips to hers again.


Niall and I kissed for another ten minutes then got back to work, though it was very difficult. I'm so glad he revealed his feelings for me, I had a feeling he was going to tell me something like this I just wasn't sure. Until now of course. It took us another half an hour before we finished but we finally did. I looked at the clock on my phone, "Wow eight o'clock already." "I know time flies fast when you're having fun I guess." "Homework isn't fun!" I said playfully slapping him on the shoulder. "Ow!" He pouted. "Aw did that hurt?" I asked in baby voice. He nodded, still pouting. "You want a kiss to make it better?" "Yes please" I grinned and gave his shoulder a kiss. "Thank you" "You should go home now, my mum is going to be here any minute and I don't want her to find out quite yet." "Why not?" He asked, raising his eyebrows in confusion. "I don't know she's just been teasing me about it and I think I'll just tell her on my own." "Are you sure? Because we can surprise her?" "No I think I'm going to stick with my own plan but thanks for the suggestion." "All right, I'll see you tomorrow Mel." "Bye Niall, see you tomorrow." He pecked me on the lips before walking out. I smiled to myself when he left, I couldn't believe this was actually happening! Niall and I were together after all these years. I pinched myself just to make sure I wasn't dreaming, 'Ow! Yep definitely not a dream.' My mom was home about twenty minutes later and came up to see me, "Hey honey how was your first day?" "Pretty good, how was work?" "Fine.. anything you want to tell me?" She asked raising her eyebrows. "What do you mean?" "Oh you're just smiling and blushing. Did something happen?" "No! Why would you say that?" "Oh I just wondered.. so was it the best kiss of your life?" "Yes! It was so spontaneous too! Took me completely by surprise! Wait a minute how did you know?" I asked. "Because I just know." "What did he tell you?" "I saw him as I driving up. He was looking the same way." "Darn him!" I mumbled to myself. "Don't be upset at him sweetie, he was just so excited." "I know, I know. I'm not upset." "All right honey, goodnight. I'll see you in the morning." "Goodnight mom." I picked up my phone and texted Niall the second she shut the door.

Me: Seriously? You told her?

Niall<3: I'm sorry I know you wanted to tell her own your time but I was so excited!

Me: I'm not mad :) Promise!

Niall<3: All right princess, I'll see you tomorrow. Goodnight <3

I smiled at his last text before replying.

Me: Goodnight Niall<3

I powered down my phone, brushed my teeth, changed into my PJs, and got into bed falling asleep right away.

*A/N Aw! How sweet right? How long will this last before one of them gets bad news? Don't know! Find out tomorrow :) Like, comment, favorite, and fan! <333 Elizabethluvs1D xx*


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