I Can... Explain? (Completed)

"Melissa please wait!" "Leave me alone Niall!" I shouted but didn't turn around. I was determined to shake him away. He'd done enough. "Melissa! Please! I-I-I-I can explain?" "What's there to explain? We were happy together and then one day you left to become famous! That's all there is Niall! All there is. So just go back to your famous rock star life and leave me ALONE!" I scoffed off, leaving him in the dust. Copyright © 2013


19. Chapter 19


I woke up the next morning and saw that Harry wasn't there, I looked around and saw his bathroom light was on. 'Thank goodness, if was a hit and run I would've killed him.' I got dressed quickly and laid back on the soft pillows. I thought that kissing Harry and doing this would be a mistake but it wasn't. I really truly liked Harry, I couldn't believe I hadn't realized it before. I smiled to myself, before looking over to see Harry coming out wearing his t-shirt a boxers. "Morning beautiful" He said coming over and laying next to me. "Morning" I said with a smile, "You know your face is flushed right?" "Is it? That happens every time I'm near a beautiful girl." Now my face was flushed, "You are so cheesy!" He chuckled, "So I mean I know we did things and said things last night but I have to ask this... are you and I like.. together?" I nodded, "Yeah. We are." He raised his eyebrows, "Are you sure?" "Why wouldn't I be?" "Because I mean you haven't really talked to Niall about what happened yet." "Harry, Niall and I are over no matter what he says." He smiled, "I just want you to be happy." "I am happy Harry, very happy." "Well that's great, I'm glad... are we going to kiss now?" "Oh so we went from my happiness to kissing?" "I thought kissing made you happy?" He made a puppy face, I couldn't help giggling. "It does!" "Then kiss me." He pulled me closer but before our lips could meet my phone started ringing. "Ignore it" Harry said in his sweet husky voice. "I can't, it might be important", I said before picking up my phone answering it. "Hey El, what's up?" "Melissa! Oh my gosh! I've been so worried, where are you?" I bit my lip, "Um.. well.. I'm with Harry." "Oh really? Um.. I was going to tell you that Niall woke up after you left last night." "Oh. Is he ok?" "He's fine.. he was looking for you.." I feel Harry looking at me but I couldn't meet his eyes so I walked out of the room for a second. "Oh well that's great I guess." "Melissa what's going on? Come on you can tell me." "I slept with Harry last night." El was quiet for a second, "You did?!" I couldn't tell if she was excited or shocked. "Are you upset?" "No I mean it's your life and your decision but what about Niall? He still really cares for you." "El I'm sorry to be snarky but Niall ruined this for himself. He slept with that girl knowing what could happen. He was careless, drunk or not." "You're right I just I guess I'm thinking about him too I don't-" "El it's all right. He's your friend and I can understand that." "So are you and Harry together?" I took a deep breath before answering, "Yeah, we are." "That's wonderful! I'm so glad." "El you don't sound very glad.." "I'm sorry Melissa I'm just worried about this whole thing. About Niall. About you. About that girl even, I mean she's having a baby!" "El this isn't our problem though. It's Niall's problem and he's just going to have to deal with it." "You're right, you're right I'm just in panic mode right now." "Go and talk to Louis. Harry's looking at me funny begging for an explanation so I've got to go." "All right but I really do think you and Niall need to talk." "Yeah. I know, I'll talk to you later El." "All right bye and good luck." "Thanks I'll need it." I tapped end and looked back at Harry, "You ok?" "Yeah, I'm good. You and El were having a pretty intense conversation there.." "Not really, hey would you hate if I went over to see Niall? We kind of do need to talk.." "No, not at all. But come back though ok? Tell me how it went." "I will, I'm sorry just leave like this I'm-" He cut me off with his lips before I could respond. "Not nice." I said after we pulled away. "I thought it was very nice, I could get use to your lips." I giggled, "Yours aren't too bad themselves, all right let's get going." "I have to come?" "Yeah you drove me here remember? My car is still at Niall's flat." "All right, all right let's go." Harry parked the car and I took off my seat belt, "I'll be back in a few minutes." "Do you want me to come in with you?" "No, I don't think that's a good idea. I don't want to rub it in his face." Harry nodded, "All right see you in a few minutes." I got out and went up to Niall's floor. To be honest I was a little nervous, Niall would be so upset to know I was with Harry now. 'Be calm Melissa, save that for the end or unless he asks.' I knocked on the door, "Come in!" I heard Niall say on the other side of the door. I opened the door and stepped inside. "Niall?" "Melissa?" His eyes widened when he came into the room. "Yeah. Hi, how are you feeling?" "Pretty good, still need to take my pain meds though." "Well that's good.. I guess." "You want to sit down?" He gestured to the couch. I nodded and sat down beside him, it felt weird not hugging or kissing him. "Melissa I really am sorry you had to find out about that girl being pregnant. I was stupid and careless, I should've been thinking. I was also drunk which made it worse, I'm so sorry." "It's all right Niall. Things happen." He raised his eyebrows, "You're not mad?" "No, but I am disappointed in you. You should've been more careful and well you shouldn't have been drinking. I always hated that you drank all the time." "Well I'm Irish, we like our pints." "Right. Well I guess we're done here." I started to get up, but Niall grabbed my wrist. "What?" "I don't understand." "Understand what?" "What this is" "Well you know we're never going to be together again so I mean I guess I'm breaking up with you." "Oh. Well, are we still friends?" "I don't know Niall, maybe at some point but not right now." "I can understand that. Anything else you need me to know?" I bit my lip, 'Did he already know?' "Like what?" "That you're dating Harry?" "How did you find out about that?" "So you are?" 'Dang it he tricked me!' "Yeah. I am." "Why?" "Why? Harry's very sweet and good to me." "So he's great in bed?" "Niall!" "So he is?" "Oh my gosh, you know what I'm done talking about this. Goodbye." I practically ran out the door, I couldn't believe him. Why did I ever feel like I love him? At all? All questions that couldn't be answered. At least not now. I walked back out to Harry in silence. "What's wrong? Did he say something?" He asked as I put my seat belt on. "No, I'm fine. Can you take me back to my dorm?" He put a hand on my arm, "Melissa. What's wrong?" I took my seat belt off and just buried my head in Harry's chest, "He was rude about it! Us and everything. Asking you were good in bed and things like that!" He wrapped his arms around me, "Don't listen to him, he's not worth your tears. He's done enough to upset you, don't this get you down." "You're right, I'm sorry for overreacting." He tilted my chin up slightly, "You're not overreacting. I promise." "Thank you Harry, really." He pecked me on the cheek, "I'm always going to be here for you. No matter what." And I believed him.


"Harry! She's dating Harry! Can you believe that?" I practically yelled on the phone to Louis. "Niall, mate calm down. For one you're going to make me go deaf and second why can't you just be happy for them?" "Because I loved her first! She only went to him because she was upset!" "Niall maybe she truly likes him? Harry's a good guy and your best mate. Be happy for him." "That he's with my girl? Not a chance!" "Niall. I think maybe a first she just went to him for support but then you know some feelings were triggered. I don't know. The point is, they're happy. You love Melissa right?" "Of course!" "Then be happy for her! You want her to be happy don't you?" I sighed, "Yeah. I do." "Then stop all the yelling and stomping around." "You're right Lou, I'm sorry. Wait how did you know about them?" "Eleanor told me. She talked to Melissa this morning." "Oh. Well that's good I guess. I have to go mate so I'll talk to you later." "All right mate, you take care of yourself all right? Leave Melissa alone for a while." "Yeah I probably shoulder. Bye Louis." "Bye Niall" I tapped 'end' and back backwards onto my bed, I knew it was going to be hard seeing Harry loving on Melissa but I had to live with it. And besides, it wouldn't last long. She'd be crawling to me in no time.

*A/N Aw! Poor Melissa :( Do you think Harry and Melissa will last? Who knows? (; Sorry for not updating yesterday, I was out all day and got home super late. And well I was tired so.. sorry! OMG Zayn and Perrie getting married?! I'm SO happy for them! I knew this day would come! <3333 :D Like, comment, favorite, and fan! <333 Elizabethluvs1D xx*

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