I Can... Explain? (Completed)

"Melissa please wait!" "Leave me alone Niall!" I shouted but didn't turn around. I was determined to shake him away. He'd done enough. "Melissa! Please! I-I-I-I can explain?" "What's there to explain? We were happy together and then one day you left to become famous! That's all there is Niall! All there is. So just go back to your famous rock star life and leave me ALONE!" I scoffed off, leaving him in the dust. Copyright © 2013


1. Chapter 1


"No Niall stop! I surrender, I surrender!" I giggle-screamed as Niall lifted me up off my feet. "Do you now?" He asked with a smirk. "Yes! Now please don't know throw me in" "Melissa, Melissa you know my rules." "Well they're stupid!" I protested. "Hmm.. don't think so." "Niall please, I just got highlights in my hair I don't want to ruin them!" "Oh please! That's the lamest excuse in the universe!" And with that he tossed me into the pool. "NIALL JAMES HORAN!" I screeched as he splashed in beside me. "Yes?" He asked, still smirking. "Wipe that smirk off your face before I slap it off" "Someone is sassy today." "Well I was just thrown into the pool by my best friend, but we should dry off. My mom will be home soon and we start our senior year tomorrow." "I know! I can't believe it! It's going to be awesome!" "Yeah it is!" I replied climbing out the of the pool and taking my towel. "Come on Mel, we've got time" "Niall thanks to you I need to deep condition my hair so get on out" "You're no fun" He said climbing out the pool and joining me, he shook out his wet blonde hair spraying me. "Hey! I said no more water!" "No you didn't" He smiled cheekily. "Whatever Horan, go home." "Call me later?" He asked hopefully. This time I smirked, "We'll see now go!" After Niall left I went into the house and up to my room, my brown Tabby cat Fluffy was asleep on my pillow. I had just gotten her about a month ago, since I didn't have any siblings I had begged my mum for a cat for like a year and I finally got one. I played the 'Mom I'm so lonely!' card. I took off my wet bathing suit and got into the shower. After deep conditioning my hair and changing into my pajamas I picked my phone from the bedside table and speed-dialed Niall. "Chello!" He said when he answered. I rolled my eyes, "Hey, you know how it took to do my hair?" "Hmm I don't know like an hour?" "No!" I could picture him raising his eyebrows. "All right fine! It took me an hour! You happy now that I've admitted it?" He chuckled, "Very. Have you decided what you're wearing tomorrow?" "No! Thank you for reminding me! Thank goodness I went shopping last week or I'd be dying!" He was quiet for a second, I could tell he was rolling his eyes. "I know you're rolling your eyes." "I am not!" He defended himself, his voice rising a little. "Niall. I know you better than anyone, I know you're rolling your eyes." "Whatever. Well I'm going to go now, I'm hungry." "Niall James Horan you are always hungry!" "It's true I am, I'll see you tomorrow Mel." "All righty bye!" I hung up the phone and set it back down on my night table. I walked downstairs to see my mom coming in the door with bags of groceries. I rushed over to help her. "Thank you Melissa" She said after I set the bag I had down on the counter. "You're welcome, do you need help putting them away?" She nodded, "That would be great thank you." After a few minutes she started talking again, "You ready for school tomorrow?" "Yes! Niall and I are very excited." "You and Niall seem to hang out quite a bit." She said with a smile. "Well yeah we're best friends!" "Do you ever think about him in a different way?" I froze, 'Did I? We have been best friends since we were three.. I didn't know'. "No why?" "I just wondered." "All right well I'm going to go to bed, I'll see you in the morning." "Ok and yes bright an early! Want me to wake you up?" "No I'll set my alarm, night mom!" I kissed her on the cheek and headed back up to my room. I turned off my light and climbed into bed, falling asleep almost instantly.

*A/N Hey guys! Since I've finished the Stay stories, I thought "Why not write another story"! So I did :) I hope you guys give this a chance, because I do work on hard on thinking of ideas for you. Like, comment, favorite, and fan! <333 Elizabethluvs1D xx*

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