The Adventures of Two Half-Bloods

Jules Woodsworth, the half-blood child of Athena and Ash (not the pokemon trainer [PIKACHU I CHOOSE YOU!]) Kroft, child of Hades, didn't know the other existed untill their brought together by a quest at Camp Prophecy. WARNING:may contain strong language


2. Jules Woodworth

      你好我叫 Jules Woodworth (你好我叫 means hello my name is). I have no friends.

       Here is some info about me. I have long black hair, brown eyes, nerdy glasses, and i wear a green sweatshirt all the time. My favorite color is purple. I love anime. My favorite animes are Naruto, Naruto Shippuden, Attack on Titan, and  Sword Art Online. I really hate my stepmother Katie she is such a jerk about what I do. My favorite classes are Chinese and Greek Mythology  and other than those classes I suck at school. Everyone just ignores me. 

________________________The Next Day__________________________________________


    The class was walking to gym when I got pulled into a classroom there was Mr. Understand ,the math teacher. I asked if I did something wrong. And he turned into a huge Hellhound.


"Get down" shouted a guy " bad Hellhound."

The Hellhound ran away. The guy was Felix DiePie the most popular kid in school. Sadly in a wheel chair . Felix grabbed me and dragged me to my house. Felix shouted to my father something but I did not hear because I was daydreaming about me and Felix on a date. Then again I was dragged but to my father's van. We drove for hours and than furies attacked the car and Felix turned in to a centaur and we rode to a camp. My father could not go to the camp there was a force that stopped him from coming in............ WEIRD! 

A\N Felix was stuck in the trunk. Also I'm studying Chinese in school. 

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