The Adventures of Two Half-Bloods

Jules Woodsworth, the half-blood child of Athena and Ash (not the pokemon trainer [PIKACHU I CHOOSE YOU!]) Kroft, child of Hades, didn't know the other existed untill their brought together by a quest at Camp Prophecy. WARNING:may contain strong language


1. Ash Kroft


Hallo, ich heisse Ash Kroft. I have only 1 friend at school named Horace. (Hallo, ich heisse is hello my name is… in German)

Here’s some info about me. I have longish black hair that covers my eyes a little, hazel eyes that are almost gold. My favor color is red, my favorite person is my mother, and I hate my step dad James who’s an alcoholic. My favorite class is German class, other than that I hate school. At school I am bullied and made fun of for being weird.


“Mom I’m home!” I shouted to my mother. “Come on Horace lets go to my room”

Horace has curly brown hair and he’s stuck in a wheel chair. Poor guy. He’s also the only person besides my mother that I ever pity.


************************************SKIP TO NEXT DAY**********************************

We’re going on a field trip today. Woo hoo. Not. When we get there the teacher pulled me to another room then walked around me smelling me. (AWKWARD). “Hello….. Ashston.” She said in a really manly voice “so nice to see you “she continued to circle me. And then BAM. I was attacked by a little kitty! Hahahaha no, she was HUGE! “Nice kitty” I cooed. “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” I screamed as it lunged at me.

Just then Horace burst into the room and shot something at the huge kitty, she was now on the ground withering in pain. “Let’s get out of here NOW!” Horace exclaimed pulling at me.

When we got home Horace shouted “LUCY THEY KNOW!” “Oh no” my mom kept whispering as we ran to the car.

After a long drive we arrived at a forest.

“And were here why?” I asked

“Just follow me” Mom shouted.

We ran for a very long time through the forest. We arrived at a gate that said……………………Camp Half-Blood. “A camp, really.” I said. “Just go” my mom said. As I stepped through the gate

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