teenage superstar

Kat is an average 19 yr old girl who lives in Doncaster until she auditions for the x factor...
her best friend Louis also auditions, they both get through and Louis is put into a band called one direction.Kat doesn't know that one of his band mates is out to get her ,3 of them are in love with her and one of them ends up leaving the band because of her (read to find out more)


2. what??]

as soon as me an Lou got home we were showered in hugs from our family and friends there was balloons everywhere (by the way were in my house)before I could even speak my mom had already started going on about how she heard on twitter.im such an idiot I should of waited till I got home ,oh well accidents are accidents.

"have you got a video!!"my dad shouted but in a good way

"yeah actually-well quickly then "he interrupted I took out my phone and played the video Louis recorded including the rap and everything.

"woahhhhhhh!!!"I didn't even know you could sing im such a bad parent my dad said

"no you're  not I just wanted to keep it secret I said back and hugged him .

I showed everyone Louis audition aswell as we were showered in hugs once again.

me and Louis started to cook so pasta bolognaise and actually I think I love him ,

hes been quite quiet lately so I thought about asking him.

"Hey Lou why so quiet??"I asked

" im just over whelmed about getting through that's all"

*authors note* ill post tomorrow gotto go to sleep soz******8

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