teenage superstar

Kat is an average 19 yr old girl who lives in Doncaster until she auditions for the x factor...
her best friend Louis also auditions, they both get through and Louis is put into a band called one direction.Kat doesn't know that one of his band mates is out to get her ,3 of them are in love with her and one of them ends up leaving the band because of her (read to find out more)


3. Kisses

Like lou was overwhelmed about this I have known him since I was tgree and now im 19 (16 years) I turned of the pasta to let it cool for a while as it was quite hot and started to read a story on movellas called the slave auction (my fav movella) when Lou ran outta the kitchen sayin be back in 5 minutes Louis pov I feel so guilty because I know kat likes me and I like her but elanour is getting in the way of me and kat ever happening because she likes me.she says if I dont meet up with her everyday she will hurt kat and I really dont want that happening because I love her but I have no choice, elanours crazy rich and can hire spys to kidnapp her and then kill her. KATS POV as louis went outta the room I thought of following him as he was acting strange also I can tell him that I love him and ill find out what he thinks of me.i saw him going into a room, a room with elanour. "Hey babe" she said and after hearing that I think I just died "Hey love"he replied in his wierd accent that made me laugh every day but now it was tearing me apart "Kiss me"she said and he leaned in , as their lips touched I felt a tear forming from my eye.they were kissing fotr about 3 minutes until Lou saw me and chased after "Kit kat wait"he screamed wiping away tears and chasing behind me. I hid in the shed and sang to angel by sarah mclain to calm myself down.tears were exploding down my feyefs as I quietly sang.i heard the door creak open and saw the guy I hoped id never see again.louis. "Just go away lou"i mumbeled tryiing to get rid of the tears but they just kept on rolling down my cheeks "Just go away Lou"i mumbled with tears still springing out of my eyes
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