teenage superstar

Kat is an average 19 yr old girl who lives in Doncaster until she auditions for the x factor...
her best friend Louis also auditions, they both get through and Louis is put into a band called one direction.Kat doesn't know that one of his band mates is out to get her ,3 of them are in love with her and one of them ends up leaving the band because of her (read to find out more)


5. go away

I was actually so annoyed at Louis he wouldn't get out of MY shed.

Louis pov

I am so sad that she saw,I shouldn't of even listened to elanour but  just cant let anything happen to her and im to sad to explain so I just decided to leave the shed. This day just goes from perfect to the worst day of my life and to top it all of Elanour keeps on texting me saying that Kats life will be ruined. I saw Kats face looking shocked as I left and I know that it was stupid of me to leave but couldn't handle it. decided to actually eat my pasta and go sit in my room(yea were that close I have my own room in her house).I locked the door and plugged in the headphones to blank out my thoughts and to practice my chosen song for boot camp but it wouldn't work, all I could think about was elanour text ...

Kats pov

I couldn't believe Louis as if he actually left,now's the time where he should be on his knees apologising seriously???I got a text from elanour. STUPID COW. we were supposed to be best friends for live she could of at least told me!


your life will be ruined, you know what I can do *evil laugh*

what the actual cheesepuffs was that for, that girl has got serious problems and honestly what's with the evil laugh thing. oh well im gonna practise my song for bootcamp in my room and blackout what I saw. I walked up the stairs and heard Louis singing in his room. his voice was so sweet but I wanna forget about anything what happened involving HIM.

im gonna sing my own song/rap what I wrote myself the start goes like this


ahaha -ye- yeheheh -lala- nana nana-its the Kat yo-

-I never though dat we go in separation next level its legit generations, hoppin n we poppin it musketeers tryna fightin it askin for some shh ye coz that's how we roll ye that's how we roll-




I never though you would be ma prince charming but I figured you'd be sittin wi ya homies partyin ,I like it when ya lean in close take ma hand and we could -badumbadumbadumbadumdumdum-

I haven't finished writing it but the chorus sounds a bit like Arianna Grande and the verses sound like a girl will.I.am so yeah. I haven't replied to elanour yet all I want to think about now is x factor!


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