Being Dan Howells Sister

Hi I'am Raven, Dan Howells(Danisnotonfire) Younger Sister. You May No Him And Phil Lester (AmazingPhil) From You Tube. I Am 19yrs old and its summer. Im staying with dan and phil for the whole 6weeks holiday... Eeeek


2. Dan,Phil,Apartment asdfghjkl

Ravens P.O.V:


I leaded my 3 black suitcases down the stairs them being extreamly heavy.

"Ugh!" I sighed in fustration as they hit my bare legs, I was wearing a light pink llama hat and black high top with short red shorts. I kicked them up against the door and put on my black combat boots then ran to the kitchen grabbed my bag and a huge bag of Maltesers.

"Yummy" I said to myself as i bolted out the door to my car wanting to get there as soon as possible.


-2 Hours Later


I pulled up into their drive way, suddenly i felt really nervous about meeting Phil and his reaction to me! Dan already knows about the emo thing. A..a.a.a.and what if he.....

"SISTER!!!!!" I heard someone scream at me.

"BROTHERR!!" I said in the same tone.

"Come in come in!!" he said ushering me towards the house.

"What about m.." I said but he cut me of.

"Ille get them" He said and i chucked him my keys.

"Good luck" i mumbled knowing that 2 of my suitcases were full of clothes and the other one was make up and other girl stuff. I waited by the doorway watching dan with such amusement.

"You want some help mate?" I heard someone say behind me.

"Yes please. And sis what do you have in your bags!!"

"Oh just the whole house...." i said trailing of. I then watched the mysterious man help my brother... Oh that must be phil.


Phils P.O.V:


Is that Raven Dan's Sister? Jheez she looks like dan, exept for the hair, emo looks good on her though.


Ravens P.O.V

"MOVE MOVE EVERYBODY MOVE!" Dan shouted interupting my thoughts. He pushed me through the doorway carrying no suitcases as phil stumbles in carrying all 3.

"Dan did you make him carry all my bags?!" I asked

"He said he will help..." He said trailing of.

"Ok soo This is phil and phil this is raven." He said pointing at both of us.

"Hi!" Me and Phil both said at the same time with the same enthusiasm. 

"Hahah" We laughed at the same stop.

"Stop it" Me Phil And Dan Said at the same time.

"Ohhhhhh Damn!" I said on my own.


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