The wrong vacation

Pandora never thought of herself as fan girl and didn't really care much for celebrities in general. She thought she knew how it was to be famous and well known but harry showed her another side to this world of fame. A summer of love and passion begins on the wrong plane but what happens when the vacation ends.


3. The wrong plane


When we got back to airport we where directed to the gate immediately. apparently our plane was leaving earlier than planed so we were rushed to our seats. 


The plane was very nice, definitely first class with big comfortable seats and screens that showed different movies and series. Everything was very hightech and luxurious. unfortunately Nat and was'nt seated together because of last minute booking. But how bad could it be, I would have to talk to person next to me because it was only a short plane trip.(or at least i thought so)

Nat seated in the beginning of plane and I was few seat rows further down the plane. 


As found my seat i noticed the guy beside me. He was cute and I definitely recognized his face from somewhere. The guy was leading forward with his head in hands and looked like he was in need of some pain killers or something to feel good. It was only when he lifted his head I knew where I had seen his before. 


It was the charmer from one direction, my classmates where mad about him. Nats old roomie was a big fan. She had posters and cardboards all over her room with his and the other boys faces. I couldn't quit remember his never but i was certain it was him. 

He started to cough and looked really bad now. I wondered if I should ask if he was okay or if he need help. But then the flight detence started speaking. At first I did'nt really listen to what she said because i had been on an airplane so many times that I knew the standart procidure of what to do in case of an emergency and so on. 

Then the plane started moving and she welcomed us on board on the plane heading to bahamas. Wait, what did she just say that we were going to the bahamas.

"The flight will take 10 hours and we will be landing on the Pardise island tomorrow morning at 8 am, we wish you a pleasent flight and if you need eny assistance dont hesitade to call for our flight detence to assisted you"

This time I was sure she said Bahamas and just as I was about stand up and go after her the flight went up in the air. It was to late now so I might as well get a good trip out of it. But all the delays and misunderstandings was beginning to get on my nervs. I must try to think postive a destract myself so I dont get to irratated about the situation we were now in. 


I looked over at the guy next to me, he looked even worse than before. So I decided that I might as well start an conversation.


"Are you okay? you look like your sick or have an massive hang over"

He looked up at me with a annoyed look in his eyes, like I was disurbing his privacy by talking to him. Which was part true but I was only trying to nice.


"Im fine or maybe Im just a little bit hungover from last night. Why do you care anyway?"

He snap back at me. He definitely did'nt seem fine but what the h*** if he wanted to talk with such an attitude on so would. 


"Its just if you are gonna throw up theres a bag in front of you you could use. Its not that I dont feel bad for you, I mean i've been there but  I would rather not have puke you all over me, just because you had a little bit to much last night. Are we clear?"


He looked really mad now and starred back at me with a look that said more than words could.  A short while after he replied.


"CRYSTAL! I'll be sure to keep that in mind. Anything else you would like me to do princess?"

Oh snap. That comment hid me hard. The way he said it was definitely meant as an insult and that was the last could take of his bulls**** . I tried to calm my self down but it didn't help. Why would he be so grumpy and annoying. There was no politeness left now. 



I said a little higher than I had anticipated. People around us started looking and the guy just glared at me with an open mouth. I guess he didn't see that coming. 


"WHAT?? Im I the one being grumpy.. you are the one being a little snob."

Wait!!! Was I being a snob? I sat awhile just thinking about what he had said and what had said. I it hid me, maybe he was right? I might have said some things that was a bit to much to say to a stranger. I guess it all was just to much for me at the moment. It really wasn't his fault and had been quite rude. so what else to then apologize an admit my misbehavior. I gave him a little smile an said;

"I know uhhh, Im sorry, I guess it just finally got to me. I mean everything just went wrong today, at first I just took it all with a spoon of sugar and tried look at it positively. But it just to much.I shouldn't had let it out on a stranger, a I guess you are having a bad enough day as well"


He smiled back and laughed.

"I guess I owe you and apology too, so lets start over shall we. Im normally not this way, Its just been a long day. So were do we start? I guess could tell name for a starters. Its Harry, Harry Styles."


So that was his name I should have remembered that, it has a good ring to it doesn't it. He really didn't sound that bad now that we wasn't snapping at each other. 

" Im Pandora, and I know who you are" I said with a cheeky smile on my lips.

" ohh, your a fan??" He looked a bit disappointed.

"Naaah, not really. I mean I've heard your songs and all. But dont think I would qualify as one of your fan girls" I rolled my eyes at him while saying the last bit. Not sure if he new what I meant by it. 

"What wrong with our fan girls?" he said while lifting one of his eyebrows

Not really knowing how to respond I started laughing. But I guess he didn't find it funny, cause he raised his a little and asked again. 

Well now I had answer or he wouldn't stop asking. 

"Well it just, I don't know... I just don't se why your fans are so aggressive, I mean I know they love you and all. But isn't it a bit to much. I mean the fan has a whole new meaning now. I would think a fan was someone who liked an supported your music and not someone stalking you and running you on the streets screaming your name. I guess I just wonder if they think of how it would be for them if people where running after them or always following them around. I mean theres not hate from me on the fan girls. I just don't think you get anything out of that way of behaving. They must really love, desperately much."

he nooded his head and smiled like he agreed.

"So you wouldn't run after me on the street to talk to me?" he asked.

"Definitely not sir" WHY  did I just call him sir, that was so so weird.

"Well, I'll remember that for another time. And I love my fans, they are the sweetest and kindest people ever, just so you know" We both laughed and the conversation went on like that for over an hour. 

It was so easy to speak with him, and he got my sense of humor, which is pretty sick. There are almost no one who gets it, but here he was and total stranger laughing at all my bad jokes and comments.  




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