The wrong vacation

Pandora never thought of herself as fan girl and didn't really care much for celebrities in general. She thought she knew how it was to be famous and well known but harry showed her another side to this world of fame. A summer of love and passion begins on the wrong plane but what happens when the vacation ends.


2. The wrong city


It feelt nice to be on the way even through the traveling had taken alot more time than what we had planed for it to take. But what the h*** we were gonna make it sooner or later, right. Oh and now we get a free trip to london, how can that possibly be something bad. I mean I love it there and Nat loves anywhere with a mall or shopping street and london has plenty of that. This was gonna be coolest vacantion ever and it has only just begun. 


As always my mind had its own way of floating away and I didnt seem to notice that my best friend was talking to me before she was practily yelling at me. She really hated when I did that but also loved my little weirdness. 


"Paaaaaaan, WHAT THE H***, snap out of it could you. The plane already landed and we need  get out. so would you please MOVE"


I snap out of it and gave her little ironic smile.

"Yeah yeah, relax Im going now and by the way we have plenty of time. The plane leaves in 7 hours, so dont stress me

She stod up and tried to get pass my seat, while lifting her hands in a gesture for me to move.

"yeah but still, you cant just stay in this plane seat all night. so lets get going alright!" she said with an annoyed look in her eyes. Sometimes we drive each other crazy but we have been friends for ages now and couldn't think of anyone who's a better friend than her. 


We always have fun together, even when theres nothing to do we find a way to have the greatest time. At times we can be very childish and have the weirdest humor, that no one else seems to understand but us. 


As we went out of the plane we discussed what to do while waiting for our next plane to board and we decided  to take a walk through london. 


First we went to buckingham palace, west minister abby, big ben and london eye. It took us nearly an hour to get to london eye and another hour waiting in line for it. But it sure was an amazing view over this beautiful city. 


I have been to london quite a few times and I loved even more for every time I went. 


After showing Nat around the city we ended up scrawling around i kensington park and having quick bite to eat before we head back to the airport.








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