The wrong vacation

Pandora never thought of herself as fan girl and didn't really care much for celebrities in general. She thought she knew how it was to be famous and well known but harry showed her another side to this world of fame. A summer of love and passion begins on the wrong plane but what happens when the vacation ends.


1. prologue



Pandora and nathalie were on their way to their holiday in grece where they where going to spent their summer vacation in the lovely city Parga. When everything seems to be going as it should it turns out that the travel agentcy screwed up their flight booking so that their plane was overbooked. The girls was meet in the Copenhagen airport by the Security who explaned the situation and what their plan b was.


The girls was told that there would be a plane leaving tomorrow from heatthrow in london heading to preiveza (the nearest airport to parga), so if they took the next plane to London (Heathrow airport) they would be booked for another plane tomorrow morning to Preiveza. As annoying as the situation were, the girls just couldent wait for their vacation and honestly didnt really care how they would get there anymore.

They just wanted to get going. 


The next plane to london was boarding in three hours so the girls had plenty of time to wander around the airport looking through the small but nice boutiques and cafes. The time went by faster then the girls had thought and soon they where running towards the gates. They reached the the gate just in time and was now on their way to london. 

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