One Direction Are Vampires?~Complete~

Charlotte is a normal 15 year old girl. She is a massive fan of One Direction. Her favorite boy in 1D is Niall. Charlotte won some 1D backstage passes and whent to the concert once it finished ahe whent backstage to see them she met Niall. Once she met all of them she took a picture with her but it was time to leave. But once I left one girl came in as soon as I walked out but I noticed I left my phone backstage on top of a counter , but when I'm entering I hear screams. But I grabbed my phone and ran. But when I ran to my car I lost the car keys. So I ran back home but was like four or five miles away but I saw five guys standing there with blood on his face.………What will happen to Charlotte? Find out the rest when u read the book.


7. Niall asked me to be his girlfriend and I said yes

Charlottes POV

While me and Niall are relaxing he's asks me a question. 

“Charlotte do you um maybe want to um my girlfriend I know we met a day ago but I really like you ” he said 

“Yes I would love to Niall” I said with a smile on my face.


Niall's  POV

I can't believe Charlotte said yes to me. I love her so much. 

“Niall does Toni live here with you guys?” She said

“Yes she does” I said 

“cool can I talk to her please” she said

“Follow me she's probably in Louis room” I say 


While we are going up the stairs. I hear arguments and I look at Charlotte and keep on walking to the hallway when we finally go to Louis room I knocked on it.

“Come in” Toni said 

“Hey Charlotte want to talk to you is that ok” I said and she nodded 



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