Okay so I am writing a love story, this story is about a girl named Vanna. Vanna has been bullied all her life and is just a 16 year old girl on the edge of wanting to kill herself. This is until she runs into Niall Horan! Niall is gonna help her back up and help her find love"who will it be,I won't say!".... You should read, maybe you can relate to this story because I know I can.

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~AmandaLynn (:

"Look at her so ugly and petty" Amber laughs an kicks her. "Vanna my dear, why don't you just kill yourself, trust me everyone would be happier!" Vanna weakly stands. "Oh look guys the Bitch can stand!" Amber & Austin beats Vanna tell she blacks out leaving her out in the rain.

~ just and idea of what the story is gonna be like! So vote and comment tell me do you want me to write it or no..


1. Chapter:1

Vanna's POV
    "Vanna sweetheart get up,it's time for school!" My mom yells from down stairs. I role over and cover my face. Hating the fact I have to go to school. 

  My names Vanna, I have one friend and her name is Sydney. Well anyways I'm 16 , I have light brown hair that falls down to mid back. My eyes are hazel, I have freckles and a few flaws. Sydney is 15 and she has blonde are that falls down to her butt, she has green eyes and just beautiful. 

 "Vanna I swear if you don't get up, I'm going to call your dad now get up!" Mom yells from my doorway. As soon as I heard my dad I jumped up and ran to my bathroom. Yeah we'll you see my parents are nice and all just really strict. I'm not aloud out unless they come with me, we'll besides school. Yeah I wish they came with me. After taking a nice warm shower I put on some white booty short and a flow top,to finish it off I put on my white flats. I don't really wear make up just some lip gloss.

"I'm leaving mom!" I call out to my mom. "Don't be late coming from school you hear!" I roll my eyes and walk out to my car. I have a purple mustang, and man do I love it. (Call from your sexy mofo😘) I laugh and answer my wonderful friends phone call!"Yolo!" I scream into my phone. "Aye come pick me up!" I laugh and hang up. I reach Sydney's house and she jumps in, plugging in her white iPhone like always I roll my eyes and we head on to school. 

"Heyy sexy!" Sydney's boyfriend yells as we pull in. "Hello babe!" Josh says as I get out of my car. I smile and give him a hug. As we walk into school we part ways, an I go meet up with syd and Nick in first period. I hate this class, just math all together. "Hey syd!" I whisper over to her. "Haha yes lovely!" She says! As I was handing her my note! Someone bust into are room with a hand gun, telling us to put are heads down. I put my head down and start crying, once I hear a fun shot I start to shack even more! Then I hear a lot of shots going off. Then quite! I look up to find everyone in my class dead just laying in the floor. I was in so much shock I just walk around them and step out the door to see police dragging the shooter down the hall.......
      I jump up in a cold sweat to find myself still in bed! 


Vote and comment!!!! Next chapter you will see when all the bullying and how Vanna's life really is! 

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