Silent Love

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Jamie Stevens and a boy named Zach Smith. Since 1 years old they've been inseparable, the both of them would do everything with each other. Whether it was Karate, Preschool or even swimming lessons, everybody knew the both of them do everything together. But can something change between them, that no one saw coming?


5. Chapter 5: World's Best Food?



   "Honey, can you get the door for me?" my mom asked. Are you wondering who was outside the door? It 's Zach. Everyday, he would come by and dinner with me and my mom. I know what you're thinking, creepy much? Well after his family died and his grandma past away, my mom decided he needed to get off his lazy ass and learn to cook or he would eat with my family. Except, he could still stay at his house at night if he wanted to. Are you asking, why us? Well, it was because his grandma decided after she died she would give us her custody to my mom because we were the closest to him as family. Good thing my mom thought about letting him having privacy at his house or I would've gone crazy at my house because of his annoying but cute voice every morning.

    "ORANGE GUMMY BEARS!" Zach yelled when i opened the door. I raised my eyebrow in suspicion. 

    "What? Is there some law about orange gummy bears that I don't know about?" Zach smirked while I groaned. How stupid can this guy be?

    I moved out the way so he could come in. If I didn't, he might do something crazy or embarrassing. And you better believe me when i say this.... YOU DO NOT WANT THAT TO HAPPEN OR I MIGHT HAVE TO CALL THE POLICE!

    "So whats the food of the day, today?" Zach asked. I smiled but kept silent, I might spill something if I decide to open my mouth.

    "Why won't you tell me!!!" Zach cried. He wasn't being serious, but he did have a pout on his adorable face.

    "AWWW!! Is the little boy, ZACHIE sad?! Would you like a kiss to help your mental boo boo?!" I said while pinching his cheeks. Zach raised his eyebrow, challenging me if I would really kiss him. 

    I leaned forward, and looked at the back of my eyes making sure my Mom and Dad aren't near us. I closed the space between us and gave him a peck on the cheek. Giggling, I fell on the couch laughing.

    " really... think... I.... was... gonna... kiss... you..." I said while laughing hysterically. He managed to pout even more which made me laugh even harder. 

   "Well, if you're going to be a meanie, I might have to do my own special revenge on you." Zach said while smirking evilly. Oh crap, this might get bad. Zach started walking over towards me and I got up from the couch quickly. Then all of a sudden my back slammed into a closed door. The fudge? When did I have a door in out living room? Crap, I tried opening the doornob. Shit, its locked, what do i do now?! I'm gonna have nightmares after today 

     "AWWW... Is the little girl JJAAMMIIEE scared?!" Zach said, repeating what I just said to him earlier. With my back on the door, I couldn't move anywhere and I was horrified. I mean, sure, thins was my best friend ever and I know he would never do anything to hurt me but... he knew my weakness. He leaned towards me and closed his eyes and he stopped when he was seriously one centimeter away from him and my lips touching. 

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