Silent Love

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Jamie Stevens and a boy named Zach Smith. Since 1 years old they've been inseparable, the both of them would do everything with each other. Whether it was Karate, Preschool or even swimming lessons, everybody knew the both of them do everything together. But can something change between them, that no one saw coming?


4. Chapter 4: World's Scariest Grandma?



  Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit... I fucking called her beautiful over text. UGH! we're supposed to be "just close friends" Why can't I get that into my head? And "LOVE"???!! She's going to start suspecting things about me or something. I'm freaking fifteen! Jamie and I can date whoever we want.

    All I want for her to know is that she's not an ugly, ordinary girl. She's different from other girls; Jamie's beautiful and amazing. She doubts herself all the time but the reality is that Jamie is an awesome singer with a crazy sense of humor.

     There was also one thing I needed her to know. I promised to my grandmother one last thing before she passed away. She was extremely weak when she was in the hospital. My grandmother's diabetes was getting worse and worse each day. 

    "Did you tell Jamie yet?" Grandma asked while holding onto my hand tightly. I blushed and looked down ashamed. She was the only one who knew, all of the rest of my family was gone.

    "ARE YOU SERIOUS?! She deserves to know!" Grandma yelled at me. I cringed, taking a step back. For a 70 year old lady, she sure could be scary when she wants to.

    "Zach Logan Smith, promise me you will tell her soon."

    " I will try to, but what happens if it ruins our friendship? All those years, it would be a waste..." 

    "You want to know something, sweetheart?"

    " What?!" I blurt out hoarsely. My eyes were tearing up, this whole situation was stressing me out, my last family member, my best friend, leaving me forever.

   "I think she might possibly be in love with you too." she whispered. My mind was filling up with questions and possibilities. A few silent seconds went by. Everything was quiet; it was just Grandma and I holding hands tightly staring at each other

    "I love you, Zach" She said, breaking the sad silence.

    "I love you more, Grandma" She squeezed my hand one last time before she closed her eyes. I placed her hand on her chest. I kissed her forehead and said one last thing before leaving the room and going to Jamie's house seeking for her confort.

    "I promise"

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