Silent Love

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Jamie Stevens and a boy named Zach Smith. Since 1 years old they've been inseparable, the both of them would do everything with each other. Whether it was Karate, Preschool or even swimming lessons, everybody knew the both of them do everything together. But can something change between them, that no one saw coming?


3. Chapter 3: World's Craziest Mom?

My clothes were soaking wet when I closed the front door.

   "Hey mom, what's up?" I asked. She was cooking. Wait, COOKING?! I need to turn on the smoke alarm now.

   "Hi honey. Did you have fun with Zach today?" She winked. i groaned loudly.

   "UGH, Mom!! STOP! Everybody knows that he doesn't think about me that way!" I said irritated. Only my mom and 2 of my best friends knew that I had a bad school-girl crush on Zach. I mean, come on? Who wouldn't fall for his looks? And I always had a heart attack every time we touched, which was VERY often.

   "Are you sure, sweetheart? Have you seen the way he looks at you? It's the exact way Robert looks at me." Mom said. Obviously, Robert was my dad and they've been happily married for 10 years. Wait a second, the way he looks at me? I'm definetely sure that he looks at me the  same way since we were 1 and played in our diapers. He would never feel the same way i did about him! it's obvious he's not the cliche lover type. I mean sure, he had a few occasional girlfriends and a fan club of girls who wish to capture his attention, but he was never serious.

   "Yes mom, I'm sure;" I rolled my eyes. That woman was C-R-A-Z-Y! I went upstairs and closed my bedroom door. I took out my laptop and looked through my news feed on Facebook. There was nothing new, just a few annoying people complaining about how they didn't have a "perfect" life. Instead, I decided to text Zach.

Jamie Stevens: What's up bestie? ;)

Zach Smith: Miss me already?

Jamie Stevens: Oh shut up, everybody knows that i would never hang out with a guy who has a big ego!

Zach Smith: :'( that's mean! :'( Lolz just kidding, SOOOOO watcha doing my beautiful super singer/superstar

Jamie Stevens: Dang, you sure know how to make a girl blush. And I may correct you that I'm not "beautiful" I'm very average

Zach Smith: Well I hate to break it to you, but I think you're very cute and beautiful and you forgot that you also have a BEAUTIFUL VOICE! hehe :P

Jamie Stevens: No Way! Just cause you dared me to sing in a school talent show in 4th grade doesn't mean I have an "amazing" voice...

Zach Smith: Never doubt yourself, love. BECAUSE YOU ARE AMAZING!! Anyway, I need to finish eating my food, BYES! :P

Jamie Stevens: *rolls eyes* Never come between a man and his food... Lolz :) Bye then! haha

Zach Smith: My wife, Mrs. Taco Smith is calling me! :)

   I closed my phone and fell onto my bed. Did he just say I was cute and BEAUTIFUL?? And did he just call me LOVE??! Shit, I have to stop thinking like this, he doesn't mean it that way. If I keep expecting this from him, I'll get hurt.

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